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I’ve been “productive” this week, but have put not up on deviantART for you to see. This is partly because the things I’ve been doing are LARP related for the coming weekend and partly because I haven’t had time to take satisfactory photographs of my craft stuff.

I’ll explain in further detail below as well as show you some more amazing artists.

Own and Crafty Art:

This week I’ve been working on my own tablet weaving design (a quite simplistic pattern in two colours) for some LARP kit I’ve been preparing. Made in wool rather than embroidery cotton, I feel I can make a few mistakes or add different coloured strands depending on how the pieces turn out. I think the pattern will translate to wide belts etc if I use thicker material, but I made a tweak to the pattern that I’m using this evening after some advice from gelflingjo. Hopefully this will make the final piece better. I then have to worry about how to tie it on, but that’s a problem for Saturday.

Because we have an event on Sunday and because Lord A384’s character got married to an npc after the last mission, I also made a “keepsake” picture for him to carry on his person with his IC will. This involved making a 3D model on Daz, rendering, doing some textural and colour effects in Corel to then print on the cream paper I use for IC stuff. Now he can show his “wife” off to any adventurer who does or doesn’t want to see.

 Wow Art:

Neburas Rugon – new by *liallan

This character has just turned up in Spindrift and I love the details that have been put into him. I think he’s a little sinister, but in a good way, and something you can’t see in the design is that his hood has two long slashes to slide over his horns – and little details like that make him seem much more real! Check out Spindrift when you can!

 Another Rough Day by *mictones

I love the feeling of action in this piece, particularly in the people frantically trying to bring the Dragon down. This is what epic fantasy should be! Plus it gets me in the mood for LARPing on Sunday.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 07 December 2011. 

Wolf Pup by ~darknatasha

I love wolves and this picture is so cute that I couldn’t help but coo over it. He looks so fluffy, I just want to pick him up and stroke him. So gosh darn cute!

 TEMPLAR by *streamopassion

I think this piece because it reminds me of a book cover or a film poster. I wonder what the story behind it is and why this sassy redhead is walking away – is the knight in the background leaving her for a quest? Is he just leaving her for good? Is she doing the leaving? I do like pictures that have a story behind them, or that can create a story and this picture certainly does both for me. Good job, streamopassion!

The Paper Dragon by *AlectorFencer and *akeyla

Love dragons, so this picture of a Chinese/eastern dragon chewing on his ink brush, deep in thought, really tickled my fancy and made me smile. The small sticky notes and bits of paper made me think he’s an author or a poet tackling a tricky section.

Forest Ramble by *stressedjenny

This picture of her two characters is so full of fun it overflows out into the viewer. Brilliant!