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I’m a LARPer, so talking about characters come with the territory. Whether in character or out of character, people want to talk about their character: the back story, what brought them to where they’re gathering (be it the IC pub, another IC country or city, or just in the real world) and how awesome they are. And they really are – its just sometimes getting them to stop which is the problem. Not everyone is as out and out “look at me” as others, but sometimes its just nice to be able to say “oh, this one time I did xyz and saved the world”.

Yup. Its a good feeling.


But I feel I’m treading on the edge of what I feel is a touchy subject.

Listening to all these stories, happenings, other branch plot lines and the thoughts people have put into why their character is the way they are – its a hot bed of ideas, inspiration and creative thoughts.

Nanowrimo was a chance for me to flex my writing muscles since I packed them up last year to focus on the dissertation and the job hunting. They had a brief spell out of said box around writing my mission, but apart from that I’ve not been doing much. And whilst my sci-fi plot needs work and I’m going to leave what I have to stew for a bit longer to get some real gems out of the idea, I’ve gone back to my original love – fantasy fiction.

I’m going to try and keep closed mouthed on what I’m doing, since I have a habit of getting all my ideas out in the open and then the plot running dry, but I will say that playing Fools and Heroes is proving a great generation tool as the game itself borders on High Fantasy.


So, what am I talking about when I say I’m bordering on a touchy subject?

Well, I’d be really upset if someone took some of my story ideas/character concepts and put them in their own story, particularly if they are still identifiable but been twisted to fit that author’s purposes. I’d be heart broken, so I’m wary about asking other LARPers and such to talk about their characters for inspirational purposes.

Luckily I have some people who are more than happy to discuss background and some of the ideas they’ve had for me to creatively browse and use. I’ve made sure to tell them this is what I’m doing and explaining why I’m asking, the same as if I was to use stock art from DeviantART or some other artist’s work from that community. And hopefully, given enough time to sit and generate the world of my novel, the ideas will become my own and my characters will be nothing like their origins. Characters evolve – kind of like Pokémon …


So, at the moment I am enjoying thinking about this plot – even if ideas turn up in the middle of the day around tea break or lunch time … curse you plot bunnies!


Plot bunnies – breeding like rabbits.