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We’ve got a guest coming to stay overnight, so I’m tidying away all the little things I had been working.

Craft for the week was finishing the repair of my LARP kit and toying with the idea of doing some more tablet weaving for an upcoming adventure. Tempted to make some bracelets or a belt or similar, but I’ll see what happens – I just think Mercy would wear a lot more “made” things because of stuff happening in down time. If I can find a pattern I like which I can attempt, maybe something will happen.

But more wow art for you!

Wow Art:

FF6: Locke by *SpikeSpgl101

I’ve not played any of the earlier FF games (FFX was my first) but I like the composition of this piece – the pose as if he’s stepping down into the cavern, the phoenix which is darn cute (not that I know it’s significance) as well as the attention to detail. I’m always impressed by people who work with lighting in traditional and digital mediums.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 01 December 2011.


Traversal by ~TomScholes

A very peaceful picture with some pretty details like the tree fungus and the wispy glow beyond the bridge. I wonder where the lass is going?


You know nothing, Jon Snow by ~Gali-miau

I enjoyed the relationship between Jon Snow and Ygritte in the Song of Ice and Fire books. This picture just made me smile as she just seems to be as feisty as I imagined her and Jon Snow looks so serious. The men of the Wall are supposed to be in all black, but for some reason the TV show just didn’t quite seem right. Also – awesome Dire Wolf!