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I’m currently sat listening to Robin Wright-Penn sing “A Hero Comes Home” from the film Beowulf. I found this song after going to the Tall Tales and Short Stories event at Bede’s world, where I loved the music accompanied by a harp. If I had time I’d love to learn how to play a harp and sing along it it. But that’s just another thing on my “I’d love to but won’t have time to” list – along with actually learning to play the guitar, finish a novel, get said novel published and some other things – mainly crafty stuff.

I have an eclectic taste in music, ranging from old rock to some 80’s pop to celtic and folk music with a liberal dose of game and film OST mixed in. I have a series of play lists on my computer dedicated to the novels I’m working on and sometimes I just spend hours and hours with one song going round and round as I knock out a scene.

Sometimes I just write to silence, but that’s hard as I find I end up tapping out a rhythm with my pen (if writing long hand) or if I’m working at my computer I find I get distracted by the tapping of my keyboard – I think I type quite hard, so the keys have quite a click-clacky sound. It must drive people mad …

It’s not just when I’m writing. I find if I’m working on something at work I can get through a load of reading/writing/drafting/information gathering if I’ve got something going on musically – I have a “personal” and a “work” set of USB pens, with my personal one partially loaded with music for me to listen to, whilst the work one is kept clean so I can transfer stuff or run presentations off it without having strangely labelled files etc.

I know I’ve done “writing music” posts before. I’m just doing another one because it came to mind.

Oh, and whilst nanowrimo is a bust – I think I may have a couple of new plot lines to work with … one fantasy, one sci-fi. Blasted plot bunnies!