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Eee-hee-hee-hee-hee! I’m so excited, can you tell? I guess you can!

No new art for me – BUT Lord A384 has been so awesome! He’s finished my “surgery tool kit” for my LARP character, cut out of a beautiful green suede leather with a nod to the gurus at Le Prevo for helping out. You know who you are.

But I have to show you all as we’ve got a LARP mission on saturday and an IC party tonight. Isn’t this super cool?”

Crafty Art

Lord A384 made this for me, but I wielded the sewing machine to stitch it together and braided the cord closure (not shown).

LARP surgery kit (rolled)LARP surgery kit (closed)LARP surgery kit (internal)

Isn’t this awesome?

– Not shown is a cord tie to hold the roll together when it’s in my bag and a needle and cord.

Wow Art

The girl and her dragon by *janey-jane

I like this picture as it’s Spirited Away fan art. It’s fan art for another anime, but I’ve not come across it. But when I saw it, I thought it was just for Spirited Away as the guy looks like Haku from the Studio Ghibli film. I like the poses and the expressions on their faces as well as the painted style of the piece.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 23 November 2011. 


Glimmer by *RalphHorsley

This picture is fantastic. On the surface it looks just like a misty autumnal road. But look closer and you’ll see a dragon appearing out of the mist. Maybe they’re always there, just out of sight in the distance.


20th november 2011 by ~gelflingjo

I like this picture because it sums up Sunday mornings at Chopwell woods.  Good old misty autumnal weather.  Sun through the trees. Ref in larp kit. Check out gelflingjo’s gallery for more amazing photos.


no good deed by ~Claidhcroi

Fan art for the Wicked novel, featuring the Wicked Witch of the West, more commonly known as Elphaba. I like her style and this pieces shows, what I think, is the true face of the Wicked Witch.