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I almost ran out of time. It got to that point in the evening where I looked at the clock after getting in from choir and thought long and hard about a Random Wednesday post.

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit and after that it is odd not to do the thing you have developed. I totally agree with this, having developed a morning routine that gets me up, showered, breakfasted and ready to go in 45 minutes tops. My OH generously prepares our lunch after I prepared breakfast and am doing my teeth. And then we jump on the Metro and go to work.

I guess the point of nanowrimo is to develop a writing habit as well as providing a supportive community, who encourage and cheer you on as you dash, scribble, vomit words and generally write your way to an astounding word count. It’s amazing, heart breaking, tear jerking and lack of sleep bringing. It’s worth it!

But I’m not going to make it.

Life has gotten in the way and unlike two years ago when I knew I could give up the time around studies, this year I’m still trying to find my feet and staying up late to write is beginning to have its toll.

I have ideas of stuff I want to write, so I’ll continue the habit I’ve been developing with nanowrimo, but I won’t be killing myself to get this draft out.

One day I will make it. I promise myself this.

One day I will be able to give my friends and supporters a copy of my book.

One day.

One day.