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Friday is here again and it’s the end of Week 3 for Nanowrimo. Gah, where has the time gone?

My novel has gone off the rails (as usual) and rather than writing linearly, I have obeyed the calling for my brain and jumped about to catch up with all the ideas and conversations that have been going on in the background. And whilst that’s happening, I’m writing fluff set in the world of Fools and Heroes.

No personal art this week, but I will point your eyes towards these fantastic pieces found on DeviantART.

Oh – and PhD was awesome!

Wow Art:

Masquerade Mirrors: Luke and Keldara by `Saimain

A pair of companion pieces commissioned by =The-Dragon-keeper, featuring two of her characters. I like Saimain’s attention to detail, particularly in drawing a mirrored reflection, and all the incredible costumes she has done for the reflection in the mirror, which is typical of Saimain’s work. It was really hard to choose between the two, so I put them both up. Problem solved.

Balthier Cosplay by ~Vertor

I love the FFXII game (still need to finish it!) and Balthier is just one of those wonderfully created characters who you grow to love and feel about. He also has some of the better themed quickening (in my opinion) but we’re getting off topic.

Vertor’s rendition of the famed Sky Pirate is so good that I thought it was a game still and was worried I’d missed something awesome – but no, it’s a cosplay and the attention to detail is wonderful. He definitely has done this character proud.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 15 November 2011.

Quack Fu by *FriendlyChestnut

A quirky and fun take on kung fu films in the world of Kung Fu Panda. I particularly like the expression of the serene duck.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 13 November 2011

Personal and Craft Art:

I’m still toying with the idea of creating an alchemist’s reference book for the coming game year MXII with the appropriate festivals, sunrise and set, moonrise and set etc to keep my eye in with book binding. However, book binding takes time to get my head around setting up the book, printing the signatures, stitching them and then binding. The further I look into the art of making fabulous LARP kit, the more amazed I get. Some of these little details just take ages to make! Even keeping my in-game book up to date takes time!

That being said, I’m tempted to talk to my local branch refs about their needs for simple game tabards etc. after I make the one requested by my customer. Who knows, I might be outfitting the next generation of NPC guards, knights, priests, scouts, foresters, mercenaries and other assorted Guilded bodies.