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It’s Monday and I’ve got the Monday morning blues – I’m tired and I’ve already reached for the coffee cup before the 10:30 coffee break in the staff room. I’ve got a headache. My computer is slow.

But rather than counting down the days and weeks I have left of work (which is a scary thought since I need to be applying to the next one now!), I’m counting down the days to the end of Nanowrimo – counting down the weeks, days, hours and minutes until the clock strikes time and I have to put down my pen.

Nanowrimo is proving to be a real rollercoaster this year – not just that I’m more busy than usual this November, but that I’ve gone from hating my novel to loving it again. It’s ugly, the story is beginning to get lumpy and jumpy with gaping plot holes and corny lines and clichés scattered across like garnish.

I admit I thought about stopping, packing it in and admitting to everyone that I am a hack.

But I’m not.

This novel deserves love and time, something that Nanowrimo is NOT geared towards, so maybe after I’ve knocked the draft into shape, revisited my plotline and gotten to grips with my characters, maybe then it’ll begin to shine.

Just maybe.

And if not, then I’ll have knackered my knuckles and wrists for nothing but the ability to wince every time I type at my computer. My poor hands 😦