I wish I actually felt fine but health wise its not too bad. After having a moment of “oh how much asthma medication have I used?” I had a panic of do I need to go get this seen to? But after having a sleep and allowing myself to feel like ick, things started to pick up again. But there was no way I could stand and breathe for long enough to sing at an evening service in a cold church.

But afterwards, having eaten dinner and taken a nap, I kicked nanowrimo butt having worked hard earlier in the day, and now have a word count which beats tomorrow’s goal.


Not that I’m going to sit on my laurels. I’m just going to get other important stuff done instead.

And then … and then … on Thursday I’m going to see PHD! *super excited squee*

And nibble my graze box that I got free as a reward for hard day of writing. Mmm … chocolate coffee beans …


I’ll write up about PHD later this week (as my Random Wednesday post) rather than rambling on with this here nanowrimo post, but I’m going to celebrate getting ahead!