I’m on a role, churning up the words between me and my goal. I was 804 words below yesterday’s count and I thought “Just let me get past 15k, let me at least get past 15k”.

I was worried I would fall further and further behind.

And I was distracted by watching “The Name of the Rose” that was on BBC 4 the other night – I’ve decided watching films and writing is a terrible idea.

But once that was over I got online and logged into the Darlington and Tees Chatzy room we have – this is the local group who has adopted the members of my branch and who let us know about their chatzy room set aside of talking about out Nanowrimo books, run word sprints and generally cheer each other on. After my distraction I knew I needed some helpful cheering.

So when I crossed 15k (yesterday’s word count goal), I informed the group.

And then we organised some short word sprints aimed at writing for 10 minutes, resting for 5 and then cracking on (starting on the hour, every quarter hour) which really ate up the words and suddenly I was crossing 16k (something I hadn’t even considered managing after spending 2 hours watching Sean Connery and Christian Slater solve a monastic murder mystery) and then I was heading towards midnight and I crossed the 17k mark and it was like omg omg omg!

I’m back on track – and once again I have a little green bar on a day’s word count. What a great feeling!