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It’s the 11th of November, the customary time to take a moment to recall those who gave their life for their country in conflicts past and ongoing.

We held a silence at work today, the whole university stopping, pausing to take a moment to remember. Eleven poppy red balloons were cast into the sky and the sound of a gun brought the silence to a close.

It didn’t seem long enough but on Sunday the names of the dead will be called out, remembered before the stone pillar or cross that stands in memory of those who died.

There is a particular piece that is spoken each year – a stanza from a poem written in 1914. Several lines of verse that are recited in a clear voice that carries across the silence. I would want to add it to a piece of artwork, something to share with you, but I fear it would dimish the meaning these words have for me, dimish the weight of feeling they carry. So instead you’ll just have to make do with it in writing here:

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

~ Laurence Binyon (1869 – 1943), “For the Fallen”

Wow Art:

The Ghosts of the Past by *daliscar

I know they are just in old uniforms for the Remembrance Day service at Westminster Abbey, but this photography from 2010 captures something that could just be two men from the world war, two ghosts, transplanted into our time. I love how they are obviously focused on where ever they are going and the skill of the photography at capturing them in motion whilst keeping a crisp focus on the story.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 11 November 2011

Aokigahara – Cave of Wind by ~Changinghand

I love the mystical feeling coming from this illustration and until I read the artist’s comments beneath, I thought it was a graphic or setting for a fantasy webcomic or animation. It’s interesting how places like this capture our imagination or spark new stories.

DragonFly by ~kaze-wing-chan

I love the look of concentration on the little fellow’s face as he slides down the berry. Great attention to detail and a brilliant twist on nature’s dragonflies.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 07 November 2011

Lighthouse by ~eamonngillian

All I can say is wow – look at those clouds, look at that sky, look at the details like the moon and the structure. Just look at this picture?

It’s a render from a project being conducted by eamonngillian (which I am now waiting avidly for), but I think this shows the beautiful and wonderous things 3D artists can create.

It’s also inspirational for my nanowrimo novel – I can see a hopeful scene coming along …

Awarded a Daily Deviation 04 November 2011

I like her mane by *johnjoseco

Okay, it’s a mlp:fim fan art, but I like it. Rarity flip flops between being a character I like to being a character I want to punt out the window. But in this picture she is just letting her mane down and sipping some hot chocolate. She looks like the actress who played Sailor Mars in the Japanese live action version of Sailor Moon … I think it’s the fringe.

 Own Art and Crafty Art:

Nanowrimo is in progress, so art is on hold for the moment as I juggle word sprints, solid writing and all the other real life chores I am forbidden from putting on hold.