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So, Nanowrimo has passed the first weekend where it is traditional to catch up your word counts to the grand total of 10,000 words. It’s the weekend of squeezing 5,000 or so words into the space of two days and generally doing all the tricks you can think of to claw back the ground you should have covered if you had kept to your plan.

Wait, there was a plan?

Well, due to pre-planned plans (or are they classed as preparations?) I knew I wasn’t going to make it. So I’m hovering on 6889 words (as of the past few days) and steeling myself for the next steps through Adrian’s world.

But what I want to talk to you about is the imagination.

So I’m pootling along in the 60-70ish boundary, hurtling up the A1 heading for home. It’s dark and I’m watching the road for idiots bombing along out of nowhere to zip past the car and slam the breaks on as they encounter someone in their lane doing the advised speed limit.

And although I have Lord A384’s loud rock music coming out of the speakers and Lord A384 sitting in the passenger seat talking and feeding me soft mints, my mind finds a corner in which to wander.

I would like to point out that at no time my attention left the road, but at the back of my mind I felt my imagination leave this corner of our universe and head out to the world of Imperium, trapped in the iron grip of the Emperor and under the boot of Blood Tiberium, to the tiny world of Erska.

And whilst Adrian was pleading with me and Brother Theo is quietly trying to slip into the pages of my nanowrimo novel… I’m sat driving along at 60-70 mph along a darkened A1, navigating sudden patches of low cloud and other nervous drivers and all the other hazards of the road.

And whilst the words never did make it onto the pages of my notebook upon my triumphant return to the house (I read some book tucked up in bed before falling asleep), my mind took me to Erska.

Good luck for week 2, all you ‘wrimos. I’ll see you at the afterparty.