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So Nanowrimo is in progress as I guess you can see from the update posts I’ve been putting up here, so art is in the “non existent” category and writing is on the “omg must do more” category.

But I still have a wow art section for you, a bumper load after the sad neglect of last week. So, onto the art!

Wow Art

First of all I want to draw your attention to an amazing new webcomic that I have been following for a little while. Spindrift has gorgeous artwork and whilst it has only just finished the prologue pages, I’m super excited about seeing the story continue and grow.

So here’s a shout out guys – go check out Spindrift!

Spindrift speedpaint by *liallan

I noticed the graphics done for Spindrift’s support/donate button and went digging through the linked group’s artwork. This piece, although a speed paint, is haunting and emotive and I’m looking forward to meeting these characters further on in the story. The added bonus being the dude’s smirk – brilliant!

Trackers by *andreasrocha

Looking at this picture, I am drawn into the world created by the artist and I find myself wanting to know more – what are they doing, where are they going, who are they? If it makes me want to know more, then I have to share it with all of you. Go on, take a look – what story will you tell?

Atelier by ~ATArts

I had to go and look up what Atelier meant but I’m glad I did as it adds a whole new meaning to this fantastic piece of science fiction painting. Given the nature of my nanowrimo attempt, this piece has already given me a whole load of ideas … hold that thought, need to get this down …

Awarded a Daily Deviation 03 November 2011.

Dance III by ~UVER

Oh my. When I saw this piece I had to add it to both my favourites and my collection of inspiration for Red Sun Rising as when I saw this, I saw Rose. Seriously! And it fits with my symbolism I’d want on the book cover and … and … all I can say is wow and share.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 02 November 2011.

Shadow of the Brook by ~Wildweasel339

Another story piece for you, a piece that makes me want to drop my sci fi novel and write settings where two watchers in shadow would fit perfectly. Who knows, maybe it’d even make it into my nanowrimo novel … but again, this is a why are they there, who are they and what are they up to sort of picture. Fantastic!

Here’s Looking at You by *thrumyeye

This picture has to be seen and yes, it is a photograph NOT a painting. When I saw this my mood perked up completely (after realising it was not an Owls of Ga’hoole fan art) as it’s almost unbelievable and totally quirky at the same time.

What a funny little owl.

So that’s my ray of sunshine for today.


Own and Crafty Art

Currently on hold until the end of November. Maybe my work in progress will actually get to the Castles and Crusaders lot before Christmas, or maybe it’ll just be a gift to the group or the GM I don’t know. With the addition of a new character I’m tempted to do another or try drawing characters, but I need to improve my drawing skills … and find more time.


And now that’s out of the way, I can go back to my word counting. Word sprint in 5?