I’m thinking of chronicling my attempt at Nanowrimo 2011 using the post heading “Nano” to differentiate my Nanowrimo posts from my usual MWF updates (although not regular, we have had 44 sets of MWF or a single or combination of the set). These will then link into my Nanowrimo page so you can keep an eye on how things are going.

And things seem to be going well.

I’m writing it in first person and Adrian, my main male character (MMC), seems quite content to keep rambling along as he tells his tale. I have a set of events I’ll take him through, but to be honest, he’s just speaking to me through my ink pen on paper.

I know this means I’m doing double the work by writing it longhand then typing it up, but I’d trying to avoid working on the novel whilst at work, and so I take my notebook with me to tea breaks or morning coffee or lunch breaks where I can steal 30 minutes to myself. Of course this won’t always work as coffee breaks sometimes turn into mini meetings or progress checks with my boss, but I think keeping Adrian in his proper place will keep me sane. And I seem to have these crazy wacky skills where I can copy up (and add to) the written words in super speedy time.

You’ll think I’m mad when I say it’s as if Adrian is speaking to me, but I’m not. I find it the easiest way of writing, of talking to and with the characters as the dialogue goes. I actually really enjoy it until things get sidetracked and I look at my plan and go “what next?”

But that’s the question that comes when I reach the first crisis point – probably come the weekend or just after – where I ask my character “What next?” I think I know where he’s heading, but who knows – in this crazy month of November anything is possible.


Word count: 5054