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Its the end of another week and I’m beginning to question where my weeks are going. I’m sure time didn’t fly like this when I was at University …

Whilst I don’t have any new art to show you, I do have some fantastic art in my WOW section as well as a quick look into future projects that are in the pipeline.

Own Art:

More on the nada front of having anything to show you, however I am working on a piece for a group of friends who do Castles and Crusades. I’ve taken some inspiration from other digital artists who have done stuff for Dungeons and Dragons or Magic: The Gathering where they make an “epic” picture based around the characters involved. I won’t give too much away until its finished and been presented to those involved, but stay tuned … 

Wow Art:

Wrong device by ~Acrylicdreams

An entry for a theme challenge contest where artists had to take a panda, a light and a pie and make art. They’d run something similar with a cat, a clock and a piece of fruit (why? I do not now) and the different submissions ranged from taking the stock items and do some photo manipulation through to using the stock as inspiration and painting over/with them.

Acrylicdream’s piece is adorable and highly original, where a panda confused the washing machine for the oven. The attention to detail is astounding (I’m always jealous of people who can paint light and lit objects) as well as an amusing concept.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 21 October 2011.

Paint on feather: Night Storm by *WolfRoad

I think that artists who use feathers as a canvas deserve all the attention they can get. They always do such beautiful work on what I would assume is a difficult canvas. I love the colours of this one, the blues and greys blending with the underlying black of the feather. The symbol on the shaft is also a nice touch along with the tassel. A lovely piece with just a sprinkling of stars.

There is no try by ~Arteche

I’m a sucker for fan art from stuff I’m a fan off (like Star Wars and Babylon 5) so this piece grabbed my attention immediately.

Looking at the piece, which gives me a feeling of calm serenity, I think I see a younger Yoda honing his skills in quiet meditation. Also, looking closely, I see a few other things which maybe don’t want to be picked up by the force – the froggy-thing in the lower left corner has a definite struggle to its pose.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 17 october 2011

Herfst by *Nelleke

A beautiful picture of what Autumn should be – full of rich colours and vibrant hues. An inspirational piece for writing.

Take a look through the rest of her gallery for more awesome photography.

Little Dragon by ~merrycalliope

One word: Daaaww!

More words: This is such a cute piece with a lot of character. It’s also a dragon so I couldn’t not include it.  The colour comes from the clay itself and not additional painting.

Celestial by ~AndyMumford

I love star pictures and this one, blending from sunset through to the dark night sky was obviously a planned labour of love. Really striking picture as you see more and more stars as you look closer. An excellent piece!

Awarded a Daily Deviation on 17 October 2011

Crafty Art:

I haven’t started on the craft projects I have in mind just yet as I’ve got to source materials and finish drafting my little book for the Fools and Heroes. My brain isn’t quite used to reading Ronish script on the computer, so I keep having to switch back to english script to check what I’ve written is correct (particularly when my computer keeps adding capital letters at beginnings of sentances, leading to random english letters cropping up amongst the script) and then edit certain letters to give the right symbol (e.g. ee -> E, th -> T etc). Hopefully once the content is drafted, I’ll be able to take it apart to make my scriptures, print them out and then get down to making the cover and putting it together. It’d be nice to have it done by next weekend but that’s looking less and less likely.

Also, seeing as I’m about to go up a rank in Fools and Heroes (becoming one of the high ranking characters in our branch), I’m currently playing with the idea of creating some belt bags (not pouches) which hang down along my thighs. This is partly because I really should carry more bandages and partly because I still don’t have enough space for the things I want to carry. Hopefully I’ll be able to start pulling doses of stuff out of large bottles like some people were doing at Summerfest, but not until I’m happy I know what I’m doing. I kinda get flustered when we get attacked and people start going down …

Lord A384 is also making me a “surgery” kit once I can afford one IC so that I have a wrap of tools for cutting dead bodies open and for patching people up in the field.

I also need to work on my measuring for tablet weaving – yet again I’ve done a piece that is too small to do its intended use but does make a nice bracelet.