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I’m finding it hard at the moment. I’m mostly finding it hard to do the things I want in the evening because I – a: don’t feel like it when I get in and cook dinner, b: require lots of time to get things moving which would take me way way way into the evening and then I would be tired at work the next day and c: I haven’t got the work/fun balance yet.

I started my job as an Academic Intern for Newcastle University late last month and things have taken a while to settle into a routine purely because my job requires flexibility for the different things I do. One week I’m based purely in the office, another has been bouncing around conducting meetings and doing talks and I’ve had the odd days where I’ve been out on a farm picking up tyres (not me exactly but I was there hefting tyres that had been chucked towards me and putting them in a pile) or coming in later to work late at a school career event (and I borrowed a car from work which was cool but scary. I have a little car. This was a BIG car …)

So yeah. I’m still trying to balance what I do and I’ve taken on the challenge of nanowrimo and I did the foolish thing of looking in my diary and thinking about days I can do. And the 1667 words a day needs to be much more …

What have I done?

Oh and my plot lining is going well (-ish). Was going well until I hit a point in my novel that could be going in one of two directions. And my main male character (MMC) still is without a name. I never usually have problem finding names except this one is eluding me. And I probably need to find one and work on my first person POV writing.

Or should I do third person POV writing.

I’m going to go and work on my novel prep a bit more …


Oh and did you notice we have a new theme? I thought we needed a change.