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Nanowrimo is just around the corner (well, two weeks-ish) and whilst I’m settling into my role at work, my brain keeps whispering about things I could be doing to further my preparation.

I have been terrible this week – no writing, nothing overly random for you (apart from the fact that this is not a monday/wednesday/friday post but a weekly post …) and there is no art from me. Seems starting a new job has thrown my sense of routine completely off kilter (not to mention being hacking-coughing-icky ill on Wednesday).

So here are some things to draw your attention to:


I’m still accepting “dares” or “things to include” for my very definitely Sci-fi novel I’ll be charging through this November.

The current “synopsis” of the book is as follows:

“In a time where natural conception is rare and precious and the mutation of humans into psionics is a hidden epidemic, an officer of the law finds a hidden treasure that threatens to bend all rules, break all vows and turn the Imperium upside down.

A story of lies, betrayal, psionic prophecy and good old space travel combined with laughter, promises and the forbidden love of the future.”


Fools and Heroes

Hopefully I’ll be out on the next night site as Mercy Blackstaff rather than a random monster with the aim of hitting Master Physician in November. I’m also “working” on a larp related craft project as well as some costume kit.

Currently I have orders for: a black player/monster robe and a black griffin tabard.

I hope to get started on these projects soon. Any queries, branch members, grab me in the pub or just drop me a line via the board. I’m afraid I can’t open these fabric orders up to the rest of the internet.


Click more for friday’s usual post of wow art!

Wow Art

The Hawthorn Diary by ~svenmarie

I love the binding style of this book which has a really interesting stitching method and expose spine. Svenmarie has been kind enough to link me to a tutorial on the stitching method used and this have given me ideas … we may be seeing something similar for an upcoming bookbinding project …

Clandestine by *Fairygodflea

This picture really tickled my fancy when I stumbled across it earlier. A humourous artistic style with lots of details. Look carefully for the broken lute strings and the sorry looking blossoms brought for his lady love.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 14th October 2011.

War Veterans by *sandara

When I saw this picture I immediately thought it was fan art for Mercedes Lackey’s novels The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon and The Silver Gryphon. The colours make me think of warmth and relaxing summer days, and the attention to detail as usual just blows me away.

LOTR rapid fan art by *dantevirgil

I love the misty nature of this quick piece of art and how the use of colour makes the firelight really pop out. A super sweet piece of LOTR fan art!

Moon Goddess by ~strawberrygina

I love Strawberrygina’s webcomic, Red String and this piece of artwork links into a story told back in Book 2. It tells the tale of how the heavenly weaver princess is only allowed to meet her husband once a year, but if she has neglected her duties, her father sends torrential rain to keep them apart for another year. It’s a sad story which sort of links into the story of the red string of fate binding two people together … but that’s with the benefit of hindsight and a fan’s knowledge of what is to come.

BUT I was watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on youtube (a live action retelling of some of the sailor moon cartoon) and when I saw this I went all fangirly and squealed “USAGI, MAMORU!”. This, perhaps, is a visualisation of the doomed love the Moon Princess (Sailor Moon) and the prince of Earth (Tuxedo Mask) have from their past lives. I know that PGSM deviates significantly from the cartoon plotline, but I was very sad when the filmed episodes ended and was glad to have experienced part of the Sailor Moon story.

So, maybe this is meant to be Shokujo and Kengyuu, Miharu and Kazuo, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion or Usagi and Mamoru or any star-crossed lovers anywhere in the history of the world (although the artist comments does indicate it is Endymion and his moon lady), the picture is beautifully done in Strawberrygina’s gorgeous style.

Crafty Art

I’m working on another bookbinding project for Fools and Heroes. Some of you may recall my last project, Mercy Blackstaff’s physician’s book of knowledge (black leather, suede binding and closure, plain paper). This one is not going to be designed to go out into the field and is more of a reference guide for the society than anything else. It’s been fun researching the stuff that’s going inside and now all I have to do is tidy a few things up and plan the binding. Photos of the finished bit will follow.

I’m also hoping to untangle a bit of tablet weaving I was working on a while back to finish some more bits and bobs for the next night site. Fingers crossed I won’t have to start from scratch …