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I didn’t manage to get round to doing an art friday post last week – being the end of my first week at work, things sorta went crazy and I didn’t quite get round to making an art post.

I also ran my first night site, as mentioned in this week’s Random Wednesday post and I had all sorts of stuff to sort out before hand, so that didn’t help.

Own Art:

None. I’ve been so busy that not much has happened art or craft wise. Need to find a new centre and start from there!


Wow Art:

Countess of the Bramble by *MorriganAixa

I think this is a really cute picture with lots of character. I love the attention to detail that is shown in this and the rest of the series. Check out Lord of Thyme for a brilliant spin on the good doctor – pay attention to the details in the feathers to find the play on words.

Sand Caves by ~814200

I love how this looks like a photograph and how the the colours fade away in the distance with hints of other structures. The people coming out of the mist is also a nice touch. I can’t tell if this is meant to be a city carved out of the sand or a city that has been buried and only now is it returning to life … what do you think?

Awarded a daily deviation on 06 October 2011.

The Book of Deacon by *deligaris

The girl in this picture is so pretty that I just have to share it with you all! I don’t know what it is about this picture that made me stop and stare, but go and look. I’m going to go and look for this book, just to know more about what this picture may represent!

Sleeping Tenko by ~sarah-grey

So peaceful it made me smile. I like the legends and stories around kitsune and other mystical Japanese creatures. This artist has lots of beautiful kitsune pictures and it was really hard to choose my favourite.

The Seeker by ~PirateWars

It’s really hard to get The Legend of the Seeker here in the UK but I’ve managed to find bits and pieces on youtube and it’s fantastic! I’m going to have to see if I can get my hands on the books because it’s just the sort of story I love. And this picture just sums up some of my feeling of the series – magic sword + destined hero = awesome!


Crafty Art:

Not much, only stuff for Fools and Heroes. I’ve also got a couple of ideas in the pipeline, so we’ll see what I get up to next.