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It’s been a while … a long while … since I did a Writing Monday post (around June-ish …) and even that wasn’t totally writing related. I partly blame the dissertation for robbing me of any writing oomph (it did you know! A little black ink spot called Dissertation came crawling into my ear and stole away all my plot bunnies, tied up my characters and made off with my stash of spare imagination) but also the black slump I experienced come the summer which led to black moods and not much happening.

Writing Monday probably won’t start in earnest again for a while – not quite sure what people are wanting to see regarding this – but I am hoping, nay, challenging myself, to take part in NaNoWriMo2011.

You may recall in 2009 I took part in NaNoWriMo, broke its back and celebrated the birth of my first, vaguely complete sci fi novel with a heather ale. Written during my third year at uni amidst coursework assignments and the long hours of the night, “A Thousand Days” was my first attempt into sci-fi. Since then, ideas have bloomed from the Studio Ghibli driven, sleep deprived and caffine fueled imagination and have been incorporated into the dream of a novel. Alas, this is still but a dream.

NaNoWriMo2010 came and went with not a single work of fiction typed or inscribed upon a page – though I point out I was working on a pretty hefty piece of work, the foul demon Dissertation, which eats spare time and creative drive.

Thus we come to NaNoWriMo2011 and I lay down the gauntlet, issue the challenge and accept it! I would love to work on Sons of Lur, that novel that’s been floating around and has filled Writing Mondays since Writing Mondays began … but these characters won’t survive being put through NaNoWriMo as they’ve had so much time and effort put into them that dashing through pulling crazy ideas out of nothing would be bad for them (and Alecto has already supplied a sick note for the entirety of November … the sod).

So I’m thinking of working on a science fiction/science fantasy (yes, one of that sort of genre) that has been floating in the background – something that could have stuff pulled out of nowhere to make 50,000 words in 30 days.

This is where you guys come in – I am accepting some challenges.

Challenges can be things like:

  • A phrase to be included – “quantum flux” or “tachyon field” etc
  • An item – “wooden spoon” etc
  • A cameo – named or description of ficticious or real life personage (famous people NOT allowed!) – allowing for artistic license of course …
  •  A name – hamlet, village, town, city, planet, solar system, person, family, dynasty etc

Ideas accepted below from NOW until 30/11/2011. Help feed the plot bunnies!