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Okay – so I’ve started my new job and realised I need to rethink my upload buffer. Just a warning that updates might be a bit late over the next few weeks until I get a new routine established.

Now, moving on.

This past weekend was a last minute addition to my LARP schedule after an unexpected invitation to an event run by a group called “Tall Tales and Short Stories”. These are a pair of guys who do some wonderful performances of anglo-saxon and old english folk tales (and more …). This event was conducted in the setting of Bede’s World, Jarrow, in their fantastic anglo-saxon hall.

So of course, I got my Larp kit on as it’s the closest thing I have to anglo-saxon garb.

The event was fantastic – roaring fire, mead, music and stories and a fantastic rendition of Beowulf as well as learning a few words of ye olde english. I came away very happy and enjoyed myself a lot.

Later that evening I crashed an in-progress night site to provide additional monster crew for the referee’s. Since I missed the monster brief I can’t really provide a monster overview of the mission, but it seemed to involve some confusion on the part of a young noblewoman and the secret plot of her father for her wedding. The players were great and I look forward to meeting all the new characters in person soon.

However … I’ve got a mission to run on the weekend …