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The tree outside my garden is in the full throes of autumn. I don’t recall it being this colourful last year, but it’s got a reddening crown and lots of berries that the birds are going crazy for. As I was out walking in Jesmond Dene yesterday (pacing a night site route for Fools and Heroes with Lord A384 – man, your perception of distance seriously changes when it gets dark!)

Now: onto art and other cool things …

Own Art:

I’ve not done much this week as I’m in the process of finishing kit off for my night site next weekend and getting my affairs in order so I can start my new job on Monday. But I did do some lighting practises using some ideas I’ve been playing around with for a while.

A letter from home

It’s not quite as polished as I would like, but for now its as good as its going to get. Playing around with lighting and stuff.

An, as yet, unnamed character reads a letter from home as his bunkmates sleep on amidst the stars.

Son of the mountain

This is probably one of the few pieces I’ve picked at and picked at and still has a few things I may tweak in the future. Kinda a revisiting of Ifan’s character in preparation for NaNoWriMo2011, taking him out of his familiar green armour and putting him in the colours of another house. This also gave me a chance to play around with scenery and lighting (and improving my lighting) so it was a good exercise.

Not sure if this is the final image of Ifan I’ll keep – short hair, long hair, short hair again … but you’ll recognise certain details, like the gloves, the layered armour, the armband (though you can’t see it) and his two-handed broadsword.

Wow Art:

Space dawn by *anndr

I like the concept of this piece, where time becomes relative and there isn’t really a dawn or dusk or any form of seasonal change. I like how the character is framed by the “rising” sun cresting the planet and all the little details like how the light flares, the shooting stars and the attention to detail of the character. This is a beautiful sketch commission and I love the artist’s style.

Kitsune by ~JohanndeVenecia

I’m a huge fan of kitsune and the lore surrounding them, so this peaceful feeling picture of a kitsune having a cup of tea is just up my street. I like how the eye is drawn to the main focal point on the piece and then takes in the other little details like the teapot and the surrounding vegetation. It has an eerie feeling, but it’s a superb piece of work.

Awarded a Daily Deviation on 19th September 2011

Meteora by *KirlianCamera

This is stunning scenery and very inspirational. I’m particularly impressed at how seamless the photo is, the only indication that it’s not a single photo is the detail in the artist’s comments.

Taboo by =temiel

I like the style of this picture and the information underneath is interesting. The reason I’ve put this picture on my wow list is not just for the picture, which evokes a feeling of security and calm I can relate to, but is actually for the thought that has gone into the characters. All the details about the two characters is fantastic and made me scour temiel’s gallery for more art of them.

Crafty Art:

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been finishing off some kit for my night site – things like more of the belt insignia, cloth sashes and filling in the details of some props. I’ve also been gathering some kit together to start making some costume requests which will probably take up my evenings for the foreseeable future.