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It’s been a while since our last Art Friday post, with most of my crafty stuff being made relating to preparing for Summerfest (and therefore could only be shown now) and the dilemma of being in an artistic slump brought on by some personal problems.

But now I have lots to show you, so come and take a peek …

Own Art:

Most of my stuff has been fabric based: tabards and banners and so on, with a few paper craft things. I went a bit mad and tea-stained lots of sheets of A4 – read, soaking them in tea – and filling part of our washing line with bedraggled sheets of paper. Maybe not the best thing to do, looking back in hindsight, though they did gain interesting streaks from where corners ended up stuck to the surface.


The tea-stained paper was used to create letters home and ships log entry that formed part of the scenery for the players on a Summerfest mission. It was fun to learn some of the back story of what was going on as well as important details I had to include, but all in all I had free reign to create new characters, scenarios and believable letters home. It was quite fun and then I partly destroyed one with fire … oops. Several of the others had the odd chunk missing of plain paper and scorch marks, but the one shown above had a section of text missing due to some negligence on my part.

I also made six banners for the mission in some fabric given to me by Gelflingjo and using some scraps I had lying around. The symbol is a black anvil with four interlaced triangles forming the insignia. Designing the insignia was a chance to flex my Celtic knot work skills and then figure out how it could be made out of fabric – the black detailing was eventually stitched by hand to give the impression of the interlacing.


I also made several tabards, having constructed my working pattern earlier in the summer when I made some black monster tabards to go over our kit on daysite missions (where its a tad impractical to get changed). I the added tabs at the sides to allow them to be laced shut and hold to the body without the need for belts (though they are handy). The first is a narrower lady’s tabard designed to go over the underdress (purchased from Having a Larp) shown in the first photo. I ended up making it double thickness to get the weight and to make the hemlines appear neater (as all the raw edges end up inside the panel.

The second is the normal width unisex tabard made specially for Lord A384 (so kind of a commission paid in love). He was awarded a special item which had specific requirements for look, leading to some research into heraldry. The stag’s head is made using felt and hand stitched in place, with eye and nose details added by hand later. The ribbon was added to make the item seem more impressive and although you can’t see it, a rune is machine stitched (because my hands were hurting and we were running out of time) on the lower right corner at the front to indicate its magical quality. He also carries a card with the rune and the details of what it means should a ref come and ask him what it does. Some people have subsequently said he should have a gold ribbon indicating enchanted item, but I did all I could to meet the requested requirements. If (when) Lord A384’s character passes on, the tabard is likely to become part of the society kit.

I have subsequently done more papercraft in the form of an In-Character will for Nathan Jameson (since he has magical items and money…)







This time I didn’t tea stain the paper as I gave it 24 hours to dry last time before writing on it. Instead, I used some cream paper I had to hand and hand wrote the entire letter (1 and 1/2 sides) before photocopying the original page onto another piece of paper and folding the original. It took a while to get the wax to hold all the layers of paper closed (having folded and folded and folded the piece until its the size you can see in the larger picture) but I think it looks great. This item will be carried on his person whilst the photocopied piece (photocopied because my wrists were giving me shooting pains from all the tiny script I was writing) is being held IC amongst Mercy Blackstaff’s possessions at the Physician’s Guild house in Newcroft (aka, my kit box in my study).

It was great fun to work on this project and I’d be tempted to write more IC as my NPC scribe Guildsman Pickett if anyone in branch wants an IC will.

I’ve also been working on some mercenary militia unit insignia, narrow strips of felt designed to hang from a belt, for a night site adventure I’m running next month. There are no plot spoilers here, so I want to let you have a peek at what they look like:


I just love the forest green colour (not shown well in this photo taken by my mobile) against the white. I’m using felt and craft glue here rather than stitching by hand and I’m still working on ways to create the “knotted” look of the snake.

Behold, awesome props which you have no idea what they mean! Now, go back to worrying about my night site!

Wow Art:

A quick note – because I’ve been gone a while, had little art to show for myself and generally neglected Wolfish Written – this is a LONG section. Enjoy ^_^

Doctor Hoo – wallpaper by *pu-sama

I’m not a Doctor Who fan, but when I saw this I thought it was adorable and very cleverly done. Even I can tell that the final few are based on the latest doctors. Highlighted for all you Doctor Who fans out there!

Catan Scenario Book by =Marenne

When I saw this, I thought this was a purchased book. But no – the artist has taken the online scenario and guide book, printed it out and bound it into this fabulous book and used gold leaf on the front cover (which I think makes it look like an official purchased guide). Isn’t it amazing what people can do with their skills?

Bran by *AniaEm

Having watched Game of Thrones (omg awesome!) and read the books, when I saw these collection of digital paintings by AniaEm, I really struggled to choose my favourite. But I love this picture of Bran because I do think he is a great character and I love the way your eye is drawn to his face, not the foreground object of the arrow tip. Beautifully done!

Poseable Baby Owl Creature by *WoodSplitterLee

This creation is so cute I couldn’t not share it with you. Oh, so cute and fluffy! I’d adopt him and take him home if I could.

Squishy ponies by ~ponymonster

I admit I watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic last year and that I’m waiting for the new series to some out later this month. But these drawings really capture the spirit of each pony and are fantastic.

The Weave by =NightsongWS

I love the art done by NightsongWS as she always manages to create such beautiful vibrant scenes that sometimes move me to tears. This one is no different. With the recognisable theme of the thread of life and those who tend it (the maiden, the mother and the crone) which features is many culture’s mythos, its wonderful to see this depicted in such a carefully constructed picture. The viewer is led from morning sunshine to evening moonlight across the picture as they follow the path of the thread as it’s spun by the maiden at dawn, woven into the life of day by the mother (woman) and then cut by the crone at the end of life.

Bulbasaur Papermon by *Kidura

I’m still not sure what paper children are, but this piece is so endearing I had to share it with you. The expression on Bulbasaur’s face is perfect, as is the posing of the hand and the general photography of this piece. Makes me go “Aww”.

Death colossus – Deception by ~SpaceWeaver

This is such a sinister piece as your eye is drawn to the light of the mask and the figures and it takes time for you to notice the dark figure behind the mask. Creatured for the RIFT Create a Colossus Contest, this piece would definitely make me shake in my shoes should I encounter this on the battlefield. A great piece of art highlighting a great deal of skill.

Craft Art:

As you can see above, I’m making belt insignia for my mercenary unit and working on other prop things for the adventure like sashes and other cool stuff (stuff that cannot be shown until after the mission …).

I’m also about to start making more (future) character kit for Lord A384 and some kit for a customer commission (le eek!)

I’m also thinking about making a couple of dragon mugs for Lord A384 and I to take to work when we start at the end of the month (more le eek!) but those might not happen for a while as I’m still working on some concepts.