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It’s a tad LARP-tastic here on Wolfish Written at the mo, what with Random Wednesday #36 being about the awesomeness of Summerfest and so on and so forth. I can promise you that we will return to our normal (yes, you heard me) schedule soon. Just lets get some writing back in our life, adjust to the new schedule now I am not longer at University (*sad face*) and see where we go from here.

Also, a quick update: I am no longer a student at Newcastle University, but I am now a wage slave to the University in the form of my new job which I am extremely pleased about! Life returns to normal!

Also: if you want to find an archive of Fools and Heroes posts, look for the archive found here

This is the last Sunday daysite I expect to attend until next summer due to personal commitments, so I was really happy to get out on this mission.

Save the Alshanti

At the IC party run before our trip to Summerfest and Ethron, members of the Newcroft adventuring party were requested to help a nomadic pack of Alshanti, Longstor’s holy creature. Alshanti are one of the first shape shifters and can take the shape as wolf headed creatures or human looking things. They requested the help of our shape shifting doctor  and other physicians of Newcroft in the birthing of their latest pups. And I was like “HELL YEAH! PUPPIES” or rather “BABIES!”

Except the mission was scary and hard.

Called to the the aid of the physician’s guild and the longstorian church, heading west of Durholme, the party consisted of Captain Nathan Jameson (Lord A384) the master merc and commander of the King’s Own Heavy Skirmishers of Foot, Brother Johnny Slayback the Longstorian Priest, Ethan Fairbrass the Alchemist, Lirrion the elven mage, Doctor Leofrick O’Kyle the shapeshifting physician, Arde the mercenary and Mercy Blackstaff, Senior Guildsman Physician.

We set out amidst concerns for the road ahead with rumours of Abraxians ringing in our ears. We also had little understanding on what was to befall us, but we had an inkling. First we were attacked by armed abraxian foul spawn who broke through the front line and caused havoc through the rear ranks. Our alchemist then took an opportunity to conduct guild business and the party moved on.

We encounter a body stabbed to death by other foulspawn and manage to convince its fellows that we were not the ones who killed it. A man comes looking for Brother Johnny with a gift from the Longstorian church in the form of armour and on we go. Discussions with a group of foul spawn provides information on the Alshanti packs, as well as the sighting of a rogue member of the alchemist’s guild. On we go to try and get past a particularly angry troll.

And then they came.

Wave and wave of alshanti wolves. Big, bad ass Abraxian werewolves. They can only be taken down by enchanted weapons and we were fast running out of them. At first we managed to deal with a pair snacking on a dead elf, but then we ended up fighting them on the road. And then we annoyed two trying to feed on a very poorly ogre. The party went down. The party got up. The party went down again.

Then Dr O’Kyle had to perform surgery on the ogre who turned out to be the chief of the foul spawn we encountered earlier. I don’t know what they did, but it was disgusting. Icky goo that was thick and spilling out of a wound in its stomach, with “intestines” strewn across the ground. And it wasn’t just cosmetic – it oozed when you pressed on it and ew ew ew!

Dr O’Kyle was busy conducting the surgery and I, being a dutiful apprentice, held the wound to stop the bleeding and ended up with this goop all over my hands and I couldn’t wait to wash it off. Supposedly my face was priceless and I’m waiting to see the photos (Gelflingjo, photos please!)

And on we went. Good Alshanti that-a-way if you please.

More evil Alshanti and then a sparring match between good and bad alshanti that was literally a clawing match after their enchanted blades were knocked out of their claws. Our mercenaries got rid of the bad one and after Dr O’Kyle intervened, the good one was very glad to see us. He pointed out where we had to go and offered to help us after informing us that there was one giving birth. Not the one we thought, but three. Oh boy.

Further along we had more alshanti chasing a man who, after catching him by the wrist and finding out that he was the alchemist we had heard about. After handing him over to Ethan for questioning, we went on our way.

After experiencing some delays to discuss what we were to do with our missing companion, we travelled to be suprised by a bloke in a bush. He claims he was a vleyborian doing the work of the church … but I’m not so sure anyone could be that daft to go and teach foul spawn about courtly love.

Onwards to the good Alshanti camp where Dr O’Kyle went off to tend to the birthing, the Longstorian priest consecrated the shrine and the rest of us defended the camp. So many waves of angry Alshanti. Lots of smelling salts to rouse the unconcious comrades and swift healing on the guy felled behind the tree and awesome archery by Arde sat atop the hill (I don’t know if he hit anything but it looked pretty awesome).

Mission success, one pup born and more on the way and time out. Several members agreed to stay to help the remaining births, but OOC we all went for lunch. We also appeared to have uncovered some alchemy (some of it used) and confiscated a charged scroll (also used) but the sale of an immunity to magic will be added to our pay upon our return to Newcroft.

All in all, a successful mission!

Shattered time

It was then time for the monster crew to mess with the players’s heads in a mission out of Carlech to investigate strange sounds and lights from the village of Knotted Oaks. The party (Captain-General Brack-on-Hill the head of the guild of mercenaries in Newcroft as well as commander of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry and Lady Mayoress of Norham, Sol the mage, Skarim Mataki the merc, Corum the merc, Arthur Lightfoot the mage, Ned the scout and our latest Kharachian priest) answered the call and found the village deserted and the town crier dead. Little did they know what they had found as they continued on and found two shady figures in a hurry to be off and a dead longstorian.

But before they could piece together what was going on – *time shift wibbly music* they found themselves back at the village and generally went wtf!

This loop happened several times, the players gradually getting further ahead of themselves and piecing together the events. Long story short, this is what happened.

Near the town of Knotted Oaks lived a Pooka, an orange faced fae who guarded a portal into the secret ways. Disturbed by the local humans, he decided to create strange sounds and lights to scare them away. However, a local tribe of foul spawn mistook him for an enemy and killed him, making off with the object they mistook to be his tribe’s totem. In fact it was the key to the secret ways and this theft and the subsequent theft of the item from the foul spawn by some enterprising bandits caused a whole heap of trouble and shattered time before sucking it into the secret ways. This then created the time loop.

The foul spawn, pissed off, attacked the village of humans thinking they had stolen the item and were in league with the Pooka, but of course, they weren’t. This story was passed onto a Longstorian priest who died (not sure how). The bandits, unsure of what they had, tried several times to sell it onto the players whilst covering up the horrific murder of the wife of the bandit and her lover.

You’ll be happy to hear that the players managed to prevent the demise of the longstorian priest, save the wife (but not the lover) and managed to stop a hostage situation with the foul spawn and the town crier before fixing the problem with time and giving the now useless trinket to the foul spawn to stave off more attacks.

Huzzahs all round, good triumphs over evil and everyone went home for tea.

And thus ends another day in the land of Ithron. Praise be to the Seven and a well earned rest to be had by all.