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I almost forgot to write this post as for once, as crazy as this seems, I didn’t have my computer on. And why? Because we’re preparing to go to Ethron! Or Barnsley. Whichever you care to choose.

So – quick hiatus warning. Due to the huge heap of kit I’ve volunteered/required to make prior to our summer adventures at Summerfest (what a write up that’ll be), Wolfish Written will be returning to active status on the 7th September.

Here’s a round up of the weekend’s shenanigans!

Picture the scene: it’s a (vaguely) warm day and the ground is drying out after the rain, light filters through the green leaves and people are out and about for a Sunday morning stroll. Then, from out of the bushes … springs a dark elf with a bow!

You guessed it – we were out once again in Chopwell woods were we amused some children with our non-fighting ways and some of us posed for pictures for regular members of the public who were not believed by their friends and family that they see such strangely dressed figures out in the woods.

Loads of people turned up for the day site, which was great as I finally got to meet characters who I know off/know the people and I got to adventure with a large group of people. Good practise for Summerfest?

There were two missions: one of journalistic badness to provide some entertainment for the PCs and one of Finwe’s “things be happening” plots.

The rundown of the first is that a journalist from the Carlech Chronicle (sister paper to the Newcroft Chronicle) has gone missing on the hunt for a big “scoop”. The adventurers were hired to hunt this guy down whilst being accompanied by the editor of the paper. In reality, a number of encounters are planned with a local player’s guild with a guard of mercenaries to protect them. These encounters were to allow the editor to see how the players reacted to numerous moral situations. These ranged from treatment of foulspawn, dealing with a slaver and a heretical party as well as someone tampering with an orcish holy relic. Of course, the party acquitted themselves admirably and all ended well – even a little trip through dark elf territory with some curious little boys watching on.

The second mission was a bit of a hitty hitty after escorting Mother Rebecca to a foul spawn village. Along the way, Sergeant Jameson decides we should go and beat on some Kreiganites (bad Longstorians) and we just followed orders. In the end, Sergeant Jameson came away with another magic item to go with his fancy shield – a tabard that acts as some heavy armour which he was given by his retiring Captain. So – guess what I’m making for Summerfest?