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At times being a crafty person is great. It’s nice to be able to say “I made that” or “I can make you one of those, if you’d like” or just to see that people enjoy the things you make. But at times it’s frustrating. It gets under your skin, you can’t sleep because you’re wanting to be working on something, anything. This is particularly troublesome when you don’t have a craft project on the go. So guess what … new craft project is a go!

Oh and yeah, I graduated. Sweet!

Own Art / Crafty Art

My own art is not really art at the moment. Like last week, I made a book. It’s a good book and it’s full of Ronish stuff, but it’s just a book.

I’m working on making some stuff for Summerfest, a LARP event coming up at the end of August. I figure I need some more dresses and maybe, definitely, a black tabard for monster kit. Maybe eventually make/buy/borrow/steal a dark coloured shirt for my super secret NPC *mu-hah-hah*. Maybe even an over-tabard in brown. There are lots of sheet based patterns for old fashioned kit on Deviant Art, such as eqos’ amazing gallery of free pattern’s found here. Well, we’ll see.

But this is what I’ll be working on, this and the interesting world of card tablet weaving. I still need to convince Lord A384 to cut me the cards so I can get started on some simple patterns, but having been introduced to weaving via an IC event, I have the desire to try my hand at it. Curse you F ‘n’ H *shakes fist like Dave*

Not really.

Also got some cross-stitch part finished.

What I really need right now is to get university packed away and turn my room from study central to craft workshop. This means tidying – my least favourite past time.

Wow Art

Amethyst and Prismatic dragons by =mariecannabis

These are so cute! Little adorable cute things of cuteness. There’s nothing much to say except that these are available to buy on Merfle! Munchies. And that I want one. So darn cute.

Owlies by ~maggock

They remind me of the owls from the animated film “The Legend of the Guardians”, particularly the one on the left which looks like Digger. I must have been on an adorable spree this week.