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Things have been quite hectic this past week and things have been forgotten about – like Wolfish Written and household chores. But here we are again, with another Art Friday Post. And we actually have some art this week in the form of promised LARP craft projects.


Own Art

Although I was spending my weekend in the sunshine looking out upon Ilkley Moor with a bunch of kids at a youth camp, and although I was at my parents’ celebrating my results and eagerly anticipating my graduation on Monday … behold, art for your delectation.

Mercy Blackstaff’s Notebook

I decided, after seeing some of the amazing books on deviantART and Supaslim’s fantastic guide to book-binding that I’d have a go. I’m terrible at remembering things confidently, probably because everything I’m learning is new and I have physician stuff, monster stuff, vleyborian stuff, general rule stuff, IC names, OOC names as well as some hush hush stuff for some (maybe) reoccuring npcs. *Phew*. Since I need to know stuff and be able to talk about it confidently at Summerfest *fingers cross no death in Mercy’s immediate future*, I thought I’d make a notebook. Now all I need to do is get it past the Refs …

Wow Art

Snowfall by ~sodamousse

I love the sense of quiet and calm about this picture, almost as if I were standing with the characters on a snowy day. The attention to detail is excellent and really makes this piece stand out. I guess this is something to do with the up coming Elder Scrolls game, but I’m not totally sure.

Rarity’s nap by *chibi-jen-hen

This is so cute I had to show you. Pony cuteness is always a good Friday pick-me-up.

Sailian by *shideh

I love the dreamy warmth of this piece, with the hazy background and the detailed character in the foreground. Her expression is so serene and kind. What an amazing piece for a kiriban prize!

The Calling by =Lumaris

Oh wow oh wow. You all know I love Lumaris’ art, but this one has me reaching for my notebook because I’m brimming over with ideas. I want to see more of this guy! The play of light is exquisite, something Lumaris excels at, and the intensity of his gaze draws you down to the object of his attention – the orb at the centre of the picture.

Inner Space Character stuffage by ~maggock

I love these … little gryphony things. They are so adorable that I want to take them home with me and keep them. This sketch set really captures the personalities of these characters and makes you fall in love with them. I particularly like the one in the middle at the bottom. Belly rub!

Crafty Art

Well, with one book out of the way, Lord A384 has turned my attention to armour making and reminded me about his hood. Yeah … forgot about that. I’m also hoping to, at some point, get some bed sheets and try my hand at making some more under robes. Got  pattern and had loads of advice, so fingers crossed.