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I’m feeling crafty. It’s a dangerous thing, to be feeling crafty.

Crafty News

Summerfest is on the way, feeling closer than it is due to the submission of early bird forms to secure our places on the adventurers and to take advantage of the prices. As first aiders we get a discount by volunteering to be on duty over the event. I will admit now, I am a tad nervous. More than a tad – people are going to be relying on me and, as yet, I am only a first aider by knowledge, not practise. But, 9/10ths of first aiding is keeping a person still and calm and comfortable and identifying things that need to be fixed by the real people (the medics. We’re real people too you know).

As such, having sat an IC exam earlier this week, I feel that my character needs a book of knowledge (which should never fall into the hands of non-physicians. No no. Bad things can happen – usually involving branding of the face with a symbol that looks like this :3 (Ronish P) for selling guild secrets (been brushing up on my IC law).

Buying a book is an option, but finding nice, sensible leather books is hard, particularly if I want to make them look IC, which I do. So I’ve been researching book binding (something I’ve been interested in for a while) and being severely tempted. And temptation has won this time. Using Supaslim’s Guide to Book-Binding, I’m going to attempt to make a soft back, rope bound book to fill with Ronish goodness which I understand, but is written in such a way that a casual reader who understands Ronish won’t quite understand what I’m talking about. It’ll be written in pencil (good if it gets wet, which is a possibility) or in ink (looks better, but could run) and needs to be done before Summerfest.

Crafty-ness is a terrible thing.

Own Art

None. Not feeling up to it and currently I’m not sleeping properly, so sleep late and then rush around doing all the things I need to do, like apply for jobs, sort forms, print information for activities and generally keep house. I think I need to just find some form of stable point to centre around, like getting part time work or getting a proper sleep pattern.

Amazing Art

Celtic Knot by ~kreativlink

In thinking about my book, I did a bit of digging around deviantArt and discovered this beautiful journal. It’s not what I expect to make, too advanced and beautiful for my poor, humble character (who might have to pay for this book in IC cash), but it’s great inspiration for the things I might one day create – this one makes me think a priestess, maybe a Sister or a Mother or High Mother in one of the games’ churches. A fantastic book, with beautiful details and a wicked looking Celtic knot.

Still Awake by *greensh

I’m a sucker for wolves (and wolf-dogs) and this picture had me squealing (inside) over how cute these puppies are. The one on the left looks like he’s grumpy with the other – kinda in a “fine, be that way” mood – whilst the other just looks so adorable. A fantastic photograph. I may steal one of those pups now, ‘k, thanks, bye.

friendship by ~oomizuao

This picture is fantastic, like a photograph of kids at school. Lillith, the middle of the three, reminds me of a design I did for some muse friends for Piko years ago, a little cat called Meep for a friend. The characters are engaging and delightful and encouraged me to examine the rest of oomizuao’s gallery, which is full of incredible stuff. All from a little glimpse of cuteness.

Domestic Dragon Type by ~Emryswolf

Dragons, what more can I say? I love ‘em. These have provided more inspiration and help in visualising my own small dragon type for the David Jones WIP Novel I have kicking around. I particularly like the female at the bottom which is full of character. I’d adopt it if I could.