I’m away for the weekend doing stuff with the family for Father’s Day, so this week’s art stuff is going up early.

No real art this week. I’m been having some down time and troubles to deal at home, not to mention dashing around town looking for jobs. Hopefully more art will come out soon when I have a job and/or get a shred of calm back.

Wow Art:

Data Fragmentation by *Patrick2011

I like the new Tron and am a fan of the old Tron, so was quite excited when I saw this photo manipulation showing a programme facing Rinzler’s disk. The details are fantastic, in the essence of the films where the character disappears into pixels at the point of death or deresolution. An interesting piece.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 16 June 2011.

Ragnarok 1 by ‘PearlEden (Collaboration with *khaosdog)

I like wolves and am particularly interested in their place in mythology. Here are Skoll and Hati chasing the sun and moon respectively, surrounding Fenrir, Loki’s son who was banished by the gods. Beautifully painted and a beautiful border.

memory keeper by *NekoKirara

The Original Character of the piece reminds me of the Viera from Final Fantasy XII with her dark tipped ears and the general colouring of her costume. I pleasant piece to view and a beautiful piece of work.

Animation: The Butterfly Dragon by ~souku

This is so beautiful. It tells the tale of imagination and it so smoothly drawn and animated, with a gorgeous musical piece running behind it that when I saw it I knew I had to show it to all of you! Watch it and believe.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 16 June 2011.

Crafty Art:

Not so much since most of my gear is sorted for Larping. I’d like to play around with some leather, finish making Lord A384’s character hood and maybe knock together a couple of monstering tabards, but these may wait until I am confirmed in a job.