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Sometimes it’s better to write from experience and sometimes its not. When you’re not feeling on top form, sometimes your characters suffer. For example …

I have an ache in my shoulder, my shoulder’s sore and tender, my knuckles feel like they’re splitting apart and I’ve drunk enough water to drown in but the headache won’t go away. My eyes feel gritty and dusty and when I rub them, they scream at me, weeping down my cheeks.

I know it’s just my body telling me I’ve taken a pounding at the weekend – since we do full contact LARP we do actually get hit by swords and staffs and shields and get bruises and achy joints afterwards, but today it was difficult to get out of bed. Perhaps I’m also coming down with a cold, my joints feeling hot and stiff, achy and generally uncomfortable. I rub my hands, easing the hot feeling from my knuckles, squeezing my hand back together.

So does Ifan. He rubs rasping hands over his sore knuckles, traces his palm with his thumb, stretches his aching back and cricks his neck that has stiffened from being crouched over texts. I almost feel sorry for him, but I’m feeling the real ache, the complaints. I also feel completely waspish, snappy and irritated – so does Dag. My internal complaints come to the surface when I’m writing a particularly venomous scene.

Luckily for me, my knuckles don’t crack.

When the weather’s cold I’m drawn to writing scenes in winter, though I feel the cold most of the year and proper summer heat is imagined. It’s harder in winter to do the hot scenes, but I go and crouch by the radiator and imagine sunlight through stone windows and leafy trees.

Does anyone else find their aches and complaints, local weather or general mood turning up in their novels?