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Commission status: OPEN

The title really has nothing to do with today’s post whatsoever, but I think it’s a really good motto for the Mercenary’s guild (as informed by our LO on Tuesday. Pff … for the Crown … pff.

More artistic endeavours for you. And Nerd East tomorrow (ee!). If anyone is around in Durham during the day, come and say hello. I’ll be on/around the Fools and Heros stall.


Just a quick note to say that Wolfish Written is still selling merchandise, though due to the WordPress TOC, I cannot sell products directly on the site (>_<). This includes paypal links, so if you’re interested in one of the three remaining “multiple dragon” mugs, contact me at:

wolfish [dot] written [dot] author [at] gmail [dot] com

I hope to sell these on Saturday, but since this is one of my personal designs, I can always reorder them if people are desperate to have cuteness! We’re also open for commissions, so check out the details on the merchandise page. We offer different dragons, any colour under the sun and accessories – currently these are for mugs, though hoodies and t-shirts are negotiable.

Now, for actual art …

Own Art

I made icons for mine and Lord A384’s LARP characters for the group’s forum, plus putting together a flyer and price list for the Kit fair at Nerd East. That’s been about the extent of my art this week.

The first two are the ones in use (Mercy Blackstaff and Nathan Jameson respectively) whilst the latter was playing with the idea of including Nathan’s militia group. We decided against using that one because the colours don’t quite work on the board.

I also did a large wallpaper version of my Mercy icon and played with a super cool art maker detailed below to make some MLP flavour fan art. So check it out every pony!

Newcroft Guild of Physicians

Mercy Blackstaff, Vleyborian, Guild of Physicans, Newcroft – kinda says it all really.

Art by generalzoi, characters by Space_wolf

Wow Art

NEW Nano totoro bottle Auction by =Blackmago

I’m a fan of Totoro, a character from the film “My Neighbour Totoro” produced by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. This cute little bottle has the characters from the film in miniature – including the soot gremlins who always make me laugh (they sort of chirp to each other and look like the wool pompoms you make as a child). How Blackmago manages to get them looking so cute in such tiny form is amazing!

ACEO: Kacey by ~Suane

I love the colours in this one, a foxy kind of eastern dragon. The expression is quite mischevious and adorable and I hope the recipient of this gift loves it just as much as I have.

Violet and Raven by *AkuBaka

Characters from another deviant’s book, these two remind me of my own evolving characters Taynor and Gretham or Ixniis and Mar. I like the suprise on their faces and the details that make up the clothing.

MLP:FiM – Pony Creator Beta by ~generalzoi

This game was used to create my fan wallpaper above and can be found on Doll Divine. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with this tool this week and should probably stop making ponies. Maybe after this one …

I can’t wait for  the next content update.

The Potterrific FML Prank by ~selene231

Okay, so this is based of a FML post which shouldn’t be funny. But it is. The short story is that some “kind” friend changed a person’s contacts to be characters from the Harry Potter books, and since we don’t really learn mobile numbers now, the person had no idea who they were talking to. This short comic brings the funny side of it brilliantly and had me laughing about it all day. Not that that gives you leave to play this prank on me … I know my numbers …

Celtic knotwork – Yggdrasil by =tanathe

I’m not a fan of tattoos (even though I have characters with them) but I love this piece of artwork – a design which acts as the representation of the Viking poem Grimnismal from Poetic Edda. It tells the tale of the great tree Yggdrasil which connects the different world of Norse mythology. Crafted in the shape of Mjolinir (Thor’s mighty hammer) and complete with the creatures spoken of in the poem, this design is a beautiful piece of work and would make an awesome tattoo. It was a custom commission made using precise measurements of the end user. It probably won’t, but I’d love this as a print in my work room!

Shield Maiden by ~giadrosich

I’m a fan of strong heroic female characters (like Alanna from Tamora Pierce’s books) and when I saw this I thought “Awesome shield maiden!”. A traditional piece, the details are carefully done and I like the no nonsense expression the woman has. One day I will have RP a character like this!

Crafty Art

Still working on Lord A384’s hood for his character, though I need buttons and/or eyelets and string to close the front when I’m done. I’ve been providing “assistance” with Lord A384’s new hobby, leather working, and sighing over the fact that I can’t work on new clothes for Mercy. A bit more cross stitch and stuff.

We’ll hopefully get pictures of kit tomorrow and I’ll put up a few to highlight the Nerd East event. I shouldn’t be this excited, should I?