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Its been awhile since we had one of these, the last being a bit of a dreamy eyed view of the future. This is a bit of a scramble down to reality plus what I’m reading currently. Huzzah for end of dissertation. Bring on the books! Plus more excitement about Nerd East.

I think, if I could, I would live in a room of books. I’d only come out for the basic necessities (like coffee and biscuity goodness) and spend my days immersed in the world of fiction. I might not even have a computer with me, maybe a radio – just in case the world goes to Sharda (or Hell for those in the know) around my ears. Maybe nothing at all, just a sea of books.

I’m in the process of creating a library. Nothing fancy, nothing too sophisticated. I’m gathering all of “my” books from my parents and carting them North to find homes on our bookcases in the spare room – “office”. When we moved in I was adamant that we needed bookcases. “We need bookcases” I told my partner and my parents. “We don’t have enough space for all our books”. You can laugh, but the shelves filled pretty quickly and we’re beginning to double stack again where possible. Though saying that, we have been buying books. Quite a few I think.

Of course, living in a room of books would probably be highly impractical. I’m not the neatest of people, though can be quite fastidious when it comes to books. They have to be in their series. They are usually grouped in some form of order (genre, type, similar stories, height for those really big books – curse you, Dune and co. *shakes fist*), but they are grouped. Unlike the rest of my life, books are always put back in place (eventually) and are rarely left lying around untended. But I would struggle to keep a whole room of books neat and tidy.

I’d leap from fantasy to sci-fi, jotting ideas in a notebook, crafting my masterpieces in my mind to find inspiration shrivel and die when it gets down to the actual act of writing. I’m currently suffering from the plot-liner’s block, where I do washing up and job hunting to avoid having to sit down and think. Not that this is a bad thing – I do need to do the washing up and I do require a job.

Though I still think I’d like to live in a room of books one day.

Might end up with a fort of books. Stacks of them all grouped together. Create architectural features. Craft a landscape of books. Put my degree to use?

I’m currently working my way through George R.R. Martin’s epic “A Song of Ice and Fire”. I’m on Book 3 (part 2) and at times find it hard to leave it alone. Though then I forget where I’ve put it and don’t read it for days. It makes me a little worried about starting Sons of Lur, since it has always had a tendency to run towards many books. I’m not sure an epic is a good idea at the moment, but we’ll see. I’m also reading parts of the Pagan Chronicles by Catherine Jinks aloud to Lord A384, which is amusing as Pagan always seems to have a dry sense of humour and finding voices that are distinct is a fun challenge. It’s been a while since I read the first two (Pagan’s Crusade and Pagan in Exile) and I’m looking forward to finishing this story with the last books (Pagan’s Vows and Pagan’s Scribe), even though things have taken a different turn to how I’d imagined. I also need to get round to reading Jean Auel’s 6th book in the Earth’s Children series, since I’ve waited years for that. Not to mention the final book of A Song of Ice and Fire which comes out later this year. Its okay, I have it on pre-order.

Lord A384 has also amassed a collection of sci-fi books that have perked my interest, particularly since he kept sniggering to himself as well as the fact that he read them all very quickly (a minor miracle since he’s not used to devouring books, nor working around the desire to read. We had moments of “Screw the dissertation, I’m reading” a few weeks ago. You’ll be pleased to know he saw sense and finished, aided by the finishing of the series. Luckily for me, the new Lost Fleet book is coming out in September, so he’ll have to find something else to occupy his reader habits. But that shouldn’t be a problem as a) he has a new car to play with and b) he has given himself a new crafty project that’ll annoy the neighbours. Leatherworking (*squee*).

Luckily for us we have a local leather shop, Le Prevo, who are all lovely people and who are always willing to offer advice and explains the ins and outs of playing with leather. Helps that we know a guy who works there from Fools and Heroes.

Speaking of which, I’m all excited about heading down to Nerd East 2011 this weekend. Sure I’m going to be sat on the FnH stall, but all kinds of stuff is happening. There’s a kit fair with stuff from character kit who make some amazing stuff and costume mercenary who do custom kit. Plus Nordavolk who make masks and other leather things. Our LO makes some amazing masks (having borrowed one myself for a monster part). Saxon Violence is also going to be there, who make LARP weapons and are generally awesome. Other gaming groups will be attending and there are talks and games and a swapsies thing and a sword tournament (!!). It’s going to be so cool.

I might try and get some photos, since this is the closest thing I’m going to get to an actual convention like Comic-con or the other big conventions. You should really check out the Nerd East website for everything that’ll be going on, or better still, come and join us on Saturday!

Now I’m going to go and calm down now …