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No real art this week, same as last week, but we’ll keep with the wow art – so come and see! Plus crafty art and “in other news“.

Own Art

I’m still working on my big render, but I’ve been trying to shift my body clock back to a normal sense of time and generally recovering from the end of year push for coursework.

I’m back doing crafty things like cross stitch and stuff like that, but since you probably don’t want a WIP picture, I’ll leave you with some of the inspirational pieces.

Writing continuing with ideas and plot lining, so keep your eyes out for Monday’s posts.

Wow Art

Outer Space Lips by *KatieAlves

From first inspection of the thumbnail, I thought they had glittery two tone gloss on them with a faint glow on the lower lip. But then I looked closer and was hit by all the amazing detail from the blending of blue to purple, the tiny stars, the comet and the earth, all painted using cosmetics (I assume lipstick or such). This is not a photo manipulation, this is detailed artwork using the lips as a canvas. Amazing and inspirational – I have a character who does exotic body painting for her makeup. Must find more …

Forgive me… by *viria13

Mermaids. Gotta love them. I’m not familiar with these characters, but I love the mood painted in this piece, the almost tangible regret that she cannot be with him. Go find a sea witch, girl, and grow some legs!

Mocha Cupcakes by ~bittykate

These look so delicious and combine my two favourite desert flavours – chocolate and coffee. You’ve got me hungry now! I’ll have to go and whip up a batch.

Hades and Persephone 2 by *sandara

The story of these two greek characters is a classic, a beautiful tale of love (because I do believe they love each other) and an explanation for the seasons. This picture, I think, highlights the differences between them, and the care Hades has for her – expressed in the dark coolness to yellow warmth shading and the expressive nature of Hades. Persephone appears to glow from within and although the setting is a wintry scene, there is definitely a warmth about her.

Crafty Art

I half destroyed my hands last weekend with fiddling with hot plastic, matches and a hot kettle, making pouches for Lord A384. I need to put pictures up of his costume/kit (maybe similar to Mercy’s kit on Random Wednesday #26) to show his belt pouches and trousers. We’ve also been editing his armour which we bought from another member of the society.

Because I’m a student and basically broke, I’ve decided to hold off some of my fabric costume stuff until I’m working and/or have money, unless I need a white robe for my next character prior to Summer Fest. The odd bits and pieces as well as cross stitch might happen, but nothing big and nothing major.

In other news …

I’m heading off to Nerd East 2011 in a couple of weeks to lend a hand on the Fools and Heroes stall. If you fancy coming over to say hi, learn more about what we do or come and get kit, it’s £1 entry at Durham University’s Student Union. More details on the Nerd East website. I’m so excited!