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Okay, so the weekly round up of amazing arts hasn’t occurred for the past few weeks. We need to do some catching up, so bear with me as I take you through a whirlwind of awesome. Say ooh and ahh on cue.

Own Art

Currently working on a large (HUGE) render using NightsongWS’s tutorial (and advice and uber amazing pictures as inspiration). This was interrupted by the dissertation, so I need to keep working on it before showing it in its full glory. Keep your eyes peeled.

Otherwise, view “Crafty Art” below for other craft related projects.

I’ve just got my free time back, give me a couple of weeks to get back up again.

Wow Art

Love by *aditya777

This picture has an unearthly quality which I love, with interesting details. A haunting picture with a feeling of peace about it.

Silent Shot by =archangelgabriel

I like the thought that has gone into this picture as well as the lighting and overall composition. An inspiring 3D image that makes me want to do better.

A Princess of His Own by ~maina

A humorous picture of a princess-less dragon. I love his expression and attention to detail as he crafts his perfect maiden out of snow. Just a quick finishing touch and she might just be real.

Awarded a Daily Deviation on 15 May 2011.

Beside Still Waters Stock by *phatpuppy

I thought this a photograph and was amazed that its available as stock. It’s got the cogs a-turning as well as being a beautiful piece.

Cafe y Letras by =Shivita

An adorable mouse reading with biscuits and coffee – it brings a smile to my face.

Aim by *burdge-bug

A quiet scene which reminds me of my own 6th form life (minus wands) – slump on the sofa and either work or sleep. An amusing Harry Potter fan art with lots of details. Look out for the bug!

Merrill by *sandara

I’m not a Dragon Age 2 player, so I don’t fully understand the meaning behind this piece, but I love the attention to detail and the carefully planned details in the cloth and mirror. And her eyes, staring out of the mirror at the viewer.

Faith by =Lumaris

I love the ethereal quality of this picture and love Lumaris’ art in general. It’s great to see the return of her book based art and hope to one day read it.

Crafty Art

I’ve been working on some LARP projects for Lord A384, finishing off his trousers and making a few belt pouches when he realised he had no pockets to put his much needed alchemy in (though why he needs venom is another matter …).

The belt pouches are modified versions of the pattern kindly uploaded by eqos on DeviantART. I added a couple of inch long button holes (approx inch long) at the back to allow a thin belt to be slid through. These are currently trial and error, but look okay. Testing to be done on Saturday night.

I’ve also been working on a modified version of my black robe to make a simple hood for Lord A384 as he doesn’t wear a cloak and I stole the robe. As it is, his character wouldn’t wear a robe, so I don’t feel too guilty about it.

I’ve taken the pattern from Simplicity’s 5840 costume pattern (robe A), using the caplet and hood to give the basic form (inspiration from the different hoods like this medieval chaperon). It’s in a greeny/blue colour which I’m not quite sure of, but since it’s the remains of our tablecloth used at our trade fair, I can’t complain. Free fabric (even polyester) is free fabric.