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We’re back – the plan for the future.

Its been a while, other work has gotten in the ways and sleep deprivation has become standard for many members of the university final year undergrads. The joy of writing has come at finishing another piece of coursework, the bliss of being able to go to be early.

Sons of Lur ground to a halt about midway through last term, with a brief resurfacing during some down time at Easter. As such, my characters have run wild and I have to catch them before I get down to plot lining.

Plot lining is hard for me, but I have decided to somehow gather enough plot points to give me markers and have it somewhere prominent in my work room (now recently reclaimed from the explosion that was dissertation). This is something I’ll be tackling once I officially finish (tomorrow) when I submit my final piece of coursework and hopefully have begun writing between then and when I graduate on the 11th July (oh lord, I’m nearly a fully functioning member of society), since then I’ll have nothing to do (in theory) except look for jobs (yeah, that all important thing of job hunting).

I’m been reading A Song of Ice and Fire, which HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on, and found some inspiration between its pages. I’ve also got a wish list of actors, so I’m happy.

So, here’s hoping Sons of Lur will be coming to your bookcases soon!