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I live!

Yes, we’re still here. The dissertation and other work swamped us these past couple of weeks where the internet has been on a need to know basis, facebook was removed from the favourites and deviant art was rationed to a few moments of down time during the day. Needless to say art stopped happening (though ideas are still being generated) and crafty projects were halted for the needs of time. You can probably see how bad my withdrawal was when I volunteered to make the group’s posters, business cards and looped powerpoint slideshow for our module Tradeshow. Animated bouncing people. Animated bouncing people.

My wrists, knuckles and back all have the achey feeling of “Oh God, what did you do to us?” and I’ve been medicated for headaches and the pain (seriously … true story).

Whilst the schedule may be a bit wonky for the next few weeks as I catch up on sleep and get my office back in order, we will be back with more stuff. When I put down my new game. So please, bear with us.

Wednesday 11 May’s LARP post will be postponed until 01 June after the next night site. All you need to know currently was that it was wet (!) and I was probably too tired to make the best of a soggy evening.