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Last time was a bit of digging through my WIP folder and some concept stuff for Red Sun Rising. Its been a little busy recently, so art posts are likely to become sporadic.

Own Art:

Over the last couple of weeks there’s not been much art – been busy working on revision and other things, but I’ve managed to squeeze some more things out. I did a few pieces of gift art for two member’s birthdays – Mavrosh and Lumaris, who have both been so supportive of my art. Not that I got any birthday art.

The Reader

It’s a bit red, but here I was working on some tattoo textures for one of my favourite character skins. All members of the Guard have an eagle tattoo somewhere on their body, and whilst it looks very pretty, it has a sinister side effect. It was difficult to keep the shape without loosing the detail, so I got rid of the detailing lines and made the tattoo one colour, with the eye and heart as un-inked detail. I think it works.

Forbidden Love

Inquisitors are not supposed to fall for their psionic Hands and definately shouldn’t be caught in this state. I’m trying to get more background scenery working, with lighting and a story running underneath. I still have work to do.

There’s a pain

Recently I listened to Les Miserables again (not totally by choice) and due to this I’ve had Marius’s sad solo stuck in my head – “Empty chairs at empty tables”. For some reason this started going round and round in my head whilst I made this picture of Rex being tested by an Inquisitor’s Hand. I like how the “pain” effect worked, with the tendrils floating into her hand accompanied by the lighting.

I see them all

Playing around with symbolism. I think it worked since several people have commented that they think they know what’s going on. More Rex concept stuff.

Onwards –Mavrosh Gift-

Birthday gift art for Mavrosh on deviantArt.


Our young inquisitor, looking out across the city from his bed. This was fun to make and I think he looks fairly relaxed.

Held to Ransom –Lumaris Gift-

Birthday gift for Lumaris on deviantArt.

Wow Art:

The World Belongs To You And I by =Tuooneo

A species created by Tuooneo for her stories beautifully depicted in this drawing. The colours are both sombre and quiet, giving the feeling of that moment in films where you suddenly realise what’s going on – there’s a sense of waiting, maybe even a little sorry. The glow effects are well done, with the blue reflecting well off the various surfaces. When I saw this, I thought it was from a professionally done anime and was bowled away when I found that it wasn’t. I would love to know more about this story and want to give a round of applause to Tuooneo for this beautiful piece.

The Night Shift by *jaxxblackfox

This winged canine looks both demure and adorable holding it’s lantern, with fur and feathers painted well. A piece which is full of life.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 26 April 2011.

Ponyta Ponyta by *helloheath

I love Ponyta from Pokemon. And I spent so long trying to evolve mine to Rapidash. So I love the expression on this one by helloheath! Gone for a gallop

Becoming Jane by *viria13

The lighting of this piece reminds me of a long golden summer afternoon or any scene from a Jane Austen novel. I haven’t seen the Becoming Jane film, but this picture speaks of Austen to me.

Endless Streets by *andreasrocha

I was looking for sci fi inspiration pieces for Red Sun Rising and stumbled across this gem. Makes me want to step right into that misty evening and go for a wander to investigate. Very inspiring, cheers andreasrocha!

Egg Hunt: Saving the Lost Race by =NightsongWS

I love this picture. I though it beautiful when I saw the thumbnail and I got lost in the details. It’s a very moving piece and speaks volumes of a story. A sort of continuation piece can be found in NightsongWS’ piece “In Trust”. If only I could get NightsongWS to do some pictures for me …

12.04.11 by ~gryzmolic

A bit of Flynn and Bradley fanart from Tron (the original). It’s a cute concept of a photo gone wrong and the colouring is exquisite – I love the “overexposure” effects at the edges and the faint flush of a blush across Bradley’s cheeks. Ah, Tron …

Tron and Alan by *ladyavali

I love the concept of how Tron would behave if he’d managed to get out at the end of the original film. Poor Alan.

Crafty Art:

Making Tudor-esque trousers for Nathan Jamesson – Lord A384’s current FnH character. They’re coming along nicely, though I have the tedious task of finishing the hemming and some button holes to make – that actually does make me a tad nervous … something about new pieces to the sewing machine and whatnot.