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Last time was the LARP night site review from the Monster Crew’s point of view. Next weekend (07/05/2011) is this month’s first night site (for those who couldn’t make the system’s Springfest event) with a second later in the month.

This week is a bit of a catch up as to where I’ve disappeared off to – a bit of real life for a change.

I’ve had a bit of real life to catch up on – namely coursework and revision prep for my final university exam. The end is coming very quickly, so Wolfish Written is likely to become a bit sporadic until its all over. Because of this, I’ve not had my computer to hand, so emails, deviantArt and facebook have been ignored.

My undergrad dissertation is in the final stages, which is a little scary since its a huge percentage of my final degree mark. Not that I’m worrying (honest). Time just seems to have developed a super speedy quality which is unnerving.


Oh – I came 2nd in the digital art category for Nathie’s contest on deviantART. My package with my prize arrived yesterday which is really exciting. All I need to do now is get a frame and put it somewhere.


Crafty wise I’ve been working on a pair of black tudor trousers for Lord A384. They’re coming along nicely, though I have the boring task of hand stitching the inner hem of the facing around the waist. They should look amazing when they’re in use and means more gear for Nathan Jamesson. Speaking of LARP, I also now have official kit (aka a staff) and we’re eagerly expecting some parcels from The Viking Store.co.uk with Lord A384’s equipment. This will mean that my work room will become a bit of an armoury once all the university stuff is out of the way, though I don’t mind.

Swords are cool.


I hope you all had a good Easter – I spent my time split between my university home and my home home, though I did get through a load of amazing music during holy week and our new choir robes have turned up – finally, a robe that fits!

Amongst all the other things I had to do over the holiday, I’ve managed to get through the first book and a half of “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, which the new HBO/Sky Atlantic “Game of Thrones” television series is based on. It’s been really refreshing to have this escape out of the norm, as well as exciting to be involved in the hype around the new television series (I watch trailers and can say what’s just happened and what will happen next). I also went wedding dress shopping for my wedding and have a dress on the way, but I can’t tell you anything about it because someone shouldn’t know anything about it until the day. We’ve got 14 months (ish) to the big day, so I keep getting little moments of “ee!” which help with everything else I have to worry about.

I also watched the Royal Wedding with my Mum and whilst I didn’t cry (much), I did know the majority of the spoken service (and since I’m not getting married yet, it shows how much I remember from my time as a junior chorister) . I went to my home church’s Garden Party in the afternoon and came 3rd in the hat contest (against some amazing hats!) which topped the day off. All I have to say about the bride was that she looks so graceful and elegant and happy that it was a fairy-tale wedding.


We also went to Windsor for a really special event. Because Easter was late this year, the traditional St George’s Day Parade was moved to the next weekend. St George’s Day is special for scouts (not sure why) and it is usual to hold the annual Queen’s Scout parade at Windsor Palace. The Queen’s Scout award is basically a super scout award which is quite hard to get and requires several sections to be undertaken before it gets signed off. Usually people don’t stay in scouting long enough to complete it or don’t choose to complete it – as you have to be either an Explorer scout (14 – 18) or Network (18 – 25) for 18 months and have the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver award or the Chief Scout Platinum/Diamond award (two separate schemes, the DofE being quite common amongst other youth groups like Air Cadets etc whilst the Chief Scout Award is scouting only).  The full requirements can be found on the Scouting website, since I don’t fully understand all that has to be undertaken. All I know is that it’s hugely impressive to have and really difficult to get. But Lord A384 was awarded his Queen’s Scout award earlier this year and therefore was involved in the parade at Windsor. It was a great day for it, really sunny and warm (a bit too warm judging by the red marks on my arms) and the scouts all looked amazing in their different uniforms. As a Leader for a local Scout Group, this is one of the few badges he’ll be awarded and can keep on his uniform, along with his first aider badge, any group challenge badges, his group details and his service awards (5 years, 10 years etc).