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It’s Larp nightsite time – that monthly random post you can guarantee. This time I was monstering for the National campaign, rather than playing in the character party, a nice mid point from my holiday. More about what I’ve been up to came be found in last week’s post.

National plot, for those not in the know, is a plot premise that all branches have to include before Summerfest around the August Bank Holiday, as the finale of this plot might occur at the event (like a festival but LARP related).

National plot states that “the undead have been making their way from west to east, stopping no where and doing no harm. A second wave is passing through the land, those these seem more than happy to linger and wreak havoc”. Cue zombies, animated corpses, drowned cadavers and one undead Lirronese with a grudge.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The aim of the mission for the players was to travel to Carlech to relieve the besieged city and find the cause of this. I’m not sure whether they knew at the beginning that some men were acting strange and attacking their fellows and some women were saying their husbands and fellas had gone off in the wake of a beautiful woman.

The player party encountered a series of local militia, armed men of a lord, holding a bridge and stopping anyone from crossing. After a quick discussion, they were interrupted by the undead and luckily the player party intervened (though not after I, as a militia, was rendered unconscious on the ground. I was to spend a lot of the time as dead militia that evening)

As the militia begin to clear up the dead, the party go on to face terrified militia fleeing more undead and crying that their own men had turned on them. (It’s quite fun to run across a field going swearing and cursing to nearly run onto the PC’s swords and then try and scare them. I don’t think it worked). After they cut their way through more undead they came to another bridge where more militia were tackling undead. After a long time of passing on orders and explaining the situation to the party (namely the Primate of Robol (think holy priest/warrior) and Finwe (one of the longest running characters who somehow manages to avoid getting murdered!!)), the militia send the party onwards before retreating to the last outpost.

Cue more undead and the odd exploding corpses (kablooey, everyone within 10ft get zombie rot)

After an encounter with a helpful gentleman, they come across more milita who struggle to fend off undead from their position. These “confused” militia go on to tell the party that they were sent to retrieve a necromancer and after returning him to their lord, they’ve been sent back out without reinforcements. They think they’re getting sent out to die by their lord [cue plot hint].

Further on up the road is more zombies and undead and then the encounter with the scottish laird. (Word to the readers – this man is dead! Seriously dead and seriously hard to kill. The party did not seem to notice). He proceeds to tell them he is on a quest to defeat the Glashten (sea hag) who stole his brother’s soul (who killed him). [CUE MAJOR PLOT HINT]

The encounters continue with undead and militia, one particular band getting massacred by the laird for getting in his way, before they reach another bridge and enter into an encounter that nearly wiped them out. Seriously. Oh, but this was after a trap we as monsters forgot to tell them about. Sorry about that guys.

This encounter was meant to be a bit of talky talky, but when they discovered that the Black Knight was holding the necromancer they were after, things went downhill. The Primate was knocked out and no one was around to see it (cept me). I went to tell the party, who sent the good Doctor Herald to tend to him and then … everything kicked off. The Primate was called a traitor by our affected Black Lord (affected by the Glashten) and was stabbed. The party came to rescue but weren’t sure what was going on and went from an 8 strong team down to 1 and a half (the half being the mage who was struck dumb and therefore unable to cast a spell). I’m not sure how the team managed to pull themselves out of there, but somehow they did. If they hadn’t, this adventure would have seen the greatest death in player characters in the last five years (according to the branch LO).

But they did and a long while later (it takes time to heal people) and they found themselves entering a tunnel with another trap.

I am particularly fond of these traps, the ones where you have to stay quiet because sound activates these statutes that either have a weapon or magic. We had magic this time.

Because the party had nearly been massacred (and I had watched it long after the monsters were called to move on), we decided to make this trap a little kinder than the ref’s had originally planned – in that we had two sleep spelled statues and only one stun. If anyone took the piss we’d “Strike them down” just to mix things up a bit. But the party managed to figure it out – after several party members fell asleep in the tunnel and were dragged out – and they went on to the chapel (where I was told later they took a very very long time trying to find the scroll that would banish the siren who was the cause of all of their problems).

All we knew was that they took a really really long time to get back to us and it was really cold. The party were stopped by more of the local militia with orders for them to advance on Carlech and join the other forces seeking to save the city. They then told us their plan and what they knew of the siren and how they intended to kill her. Women and children to the front please (they only had two women in the party). As we left them to drink a potion giving them the powers of foresight for a limited period of time, we monsters picked holes in their plan. We had a horrible feeling we would witness the total wipeout of the party at the final battle and we were not too happy about that. The death of any character is always a little sad, but the shock of a total party wipeout is always  unexpected. You sort of feel sorry for the players, since they’ve put months and years of experience into that character and then they die. It’s sad.

A rolling wave of monsters harried the party on the final leg of the journey, one which one of the party did fall and die (though we did offer him a monster part in the last battle) until they reached the open field by the walls of Carlech (bear with me folks, use your imagination) and heard the Siren’s song.

I think one of the ref’s had advised them earlier on to stopper their ears with wax, so the characters didn’t actually get to hear me sing, but the players did and I think they were a little stunned. I got to play the siren, bedecked in robes and lacy shroud and a mask, singing in german and generally surprising everyone. It was fun, even though I had to be put down.

So the heroes saved the day (yet again), Carlech was saved, the men regained their senses (but maybe not their wives) and the monster’s had a cracking time. It was a long night and a bit cold towards the end (cold makes weapons stiff and hurt … my sore arm attests to that)


But the best bit of all was that I managed to purchase a staff off one of the other members, a thick heavy thing about 6ft tall which feels solid and sturdy under my hand. This is the first piece of kit I’ve purchased for Mercy (apart from her phys-rep kit) and it now is propped against the corner in my work room. Waiting to be used once she has enough money to spend on a staff. Why are physicians always so poor?


The Fools and Heroes branch have a new website (still work in progress in some bits) but you can see the local characters and catch up on the next adventures if you want to have a go. Contact details can be found on the site, but any queries should be passed on to the resident Liaison Officer. Contact fnhnewcastle@yahoo.co.uk.