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Last time we looked at some of the bits in The Tudors that make me laugh – universal love and beards etc. This time is another brain soup inspired by some of the awesomeness at the weekend.

Oh, and I placed in a competition I entered on DeviantART. Check it out at the bottom of this post!

I’m a naff plot liner. No no, it’s true. My teacher’s despaired at school with my apparent lack of ability to plan around my characters. It might have something to do with short attention spans or the fact I treat my characters as real, but writing chapter by chapter, blow by blow events is really hard. I bow down to those who can, particularly Lord A384 who had the plot lines vaguely sketched out for the next few books after Summer’s End.

So I was in awe on Saturday night when, as the characters are all getting their kit on and getting laced into armour and other items, swapping swords and counting bandages or getting yelled at by the Ranger Finwe (I swear he is invulnerable or something), the monsters were sitting in the park, having a cigarette and listening to the refs go over the plot line.

They had every encounter prepared, from how the players’ story should be progressing down to what monsters they would encounter (be they npcs or actual monsters) and what the npcs could impart as information to keep the major plotline going. And even though the players improvise around it and can react unexpectedly (more said in wednesday’s post), the plot pretty much goes along smoothly. From seeing this as a character and as one of the monster crew, I am amazed at how much direction they give and how they get the ending they want. If they don’t, usually someone’s getting cursed or other In Character consequences at the discretion of the ref.

Makes me wish I could plot line too.

Sons of Lur is on a bit of break atm to allow for some character development and other actual work to be done (*grumble*) but come June I should be home free and a maniac. I already have a set of books I’m going to be devouring and a few crafty projects which should make a comeback, but I hope to be able to spend some proper time on Sons of Lur.


And in other news (because I can’t wait until Friday!) – I came 2nd in the Digital Category in Nathie’s contest on DeviantART. ^_^

*victory dance*

Now, get back to work.