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Last time was a quick concept piece for a new story idea I hand. This week is something similar.

Own Art:

It was my birthday last weekend so I bought some new Daz bits and bobs. Bear with me whilst I get used to the rigging for my new dragon friends and we’ll get some new arts up for you.

The Hunter’s Temple

Something I found when digging through my WIP folder. My WIP folder contains stuff that’s been rendered but not post worked or signed. This piece was something I worked on a while ago, but forgot to put up. Silly me.

The Hunter’s temples in SOL are not large ornate structures which glossy carvings and brightly painted walls like that of his Lady, the Goddess. No. His are usually simple wooden buildings, maybe a particular tree in the forest or something more natural. Apart from his stone pillar at Sair, he has no building of his own. Except in the mountain city of Gol, where he has a great carven space of his own. Here, they say, he can take form in his own House and that people have seen him when they come to pray late at night. Or perhaps not the man crowned with antlers but instead the wolf who is his shadow, or one of birds at his beck and call, watching with dark eyes from the dimly lit darkness.

Love. Honour. Obey.

Another piece from my story concept, similar to “Everything’s Changed”. I messed up the Guard’s code, but never mind. It’s Rex (Sparrow) and Rose flying through space and she just won’t stop talking.

That’s basically it, with a conversation at the side. Still playing around with ideas.

Wow Art:

Honey Honey Honey by *neofotistou

This flash game is adorable and slightly addictive, with smooth graphics and endearing sound effects. Just a little bit of fun.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 13th April 2011

10th April 2011 by ~gelflingjo

Gelflingjo is doing a challenge: a photo a day. I particularly like this one since I was unable to attend this day site (cursed birthdays and all that jazz) and because I feel it captures the atmosphere really well. Prior to mission start, any magical persons or people who cast spells during the game have to prep their spells. So here is our resident necromancer, armed with pen, lammies and energy drink, scribbling down magical goodness (or badness. Depends on your point of view).

DA:O 4 Seasons, Winter – Jowan by *queenofthecrows

I’m not familiar with all the different Dragon Age games, though I do love the colours used for this piece. The artwork is smooth and beautifully stylised. I quite like the art deco style pictures with the circular disk behind the subject. The details of the rabbits in this disk are quite amusing [must view fullscreen to see these properly] and all in all, I really like this picture. Best of luck to Queenofthecrows and her entry to the group contest.

Knight in white armor – color by *Venty-chan

I like the story behind this piece, as well as the feeling of motion and emotion coming from the main characters of the image. The colours are beautifully done and the details in the line art helps are brilliant. I always find hair really hard to do, so I particularly love the windblown/backswept fall of hair as the lady leans down to her husband. The one thing I can’t tell is if the horse is in significant motion, fidgeting or if they are ambling by. But that’s probably just me.

Crafty Art:

None. Been busy doing revision and coursework. Tomorrow is the monthly night site with FnH, one of the national plotlines, so stay tuned for Monster reporting or Mercy Blackstaff’s tale of woe.