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Last time was about the last Fools and Heroes event. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus because of personal reasons, but I thought I’d share something with you – songs and films I’ve watched recently.

It’s the Easter holidays for us students. Time of revision prep. Of finishing coursework. Of getting our heads back in the game for that one final push towards the end. I’ve been lucky as this year the weather was really nice when I went home and hopefully will be nice again when I go back at the end of the month.

I’m full of the joys of spring, wanting bouncy music and watching hopeful songs. The tree outside the back wall is in bud, tiny yellow green leaves sprouting like mad. Even the tree looks greener after the bleakness of the winter.

I watched a really nice film with my Mum the other weekend, just crashing after Mother’s Day. But from this, I’ve found a couple of songs that have got me in the mood for spring, and I thought I’d share them with you.

The film was “Letters to Juliet” and follows the pretty standard plot line of boy meets girl, they don’t get along, they go off on a “quest” (of sorts) and after a load of mix ups and revelations, realise that they love each other – what else would you expect of a film called “Letters to Juliet”.

There is a song written for the film by Taylor Swift called “Love Story”. It’s the classic Romeo and Juliet song, telling the story of young love. The chorus is one of those catchy feel good things which wants me to get up and bounce around the room. Hearing it live did not do it justice and so I’ll keep to the album copy thank you very much.

You can be the Prince and I’ll be the Princess …

This song might also have grabbed me because I was going through the rite of all brides – finding THE dress. Yes. THE dress. A little quest of my own.

Since I’ve been home I’ve got to play on the Wii, something which is new and requires at least one afternoon indulging in the games. After having danced along to my favourites songs on “Just Dance”, I had Katie Perry’s Hot and Cold in my head. And how do you deal with these songs? Play them over and over again.

Because crazy brides aren’t scary enough …

Of course, I’ve found other songs which have spoken to me on some level which will be included at the end.

But even better than that – it was my birthday. Yup. Another year older.

Doesn’t mean I can’t get the DVDs I want.

I love “The Legend of the Guardians” and I love the music which goes with it, the perfect writing music which just grabs the imagination. Although there is no buyable CD, there is an mp3 album which is calling my name. This was based off the first few books of “The Owls of Ga’Hoole” series, which might be a great read when I’ve finished the mountain of books I have.

I’ve been doing some rereading of old favourites waiting for my birthday book to arrive – the last part of Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children series – “The Land of Painted Caves”. This book I have been waiting for for ages! Once I’ve done all I have to do with my work, I intend to lock myself away with the coffee machine, kettle or other hot beverage implement and read. Do not disturb, I’ll have gone back in time.

I’ve also been reading quite a few other books which have picked me up out the apathy I was getting into towards the end of the last term. Things have reached the plateau before the final steep climb to the light at the end of the 4 year tunnel I’ve been in. When I reach the end it may be free falling or flying for a bit before reality kicks in, but all I’m looking forward to is the time I can reclaim my free time.

Some books have been:

More songs:

‘Coz baby you’re a firework!
This is a nice songs with decent lyrics.