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As an end of term treat, I went to the cinema. And I saw the Eagle.

It is fantastic! I love these sort of fictional/historical dramas, be they books or films, and this was just want I wanted to see. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Roman history (my area is more the Celtic side), but I do know a little about the history. Especially since I live in a city at one end of Hadrian’s Wall and have a number of Roman forts scattered in the local area. A couple are really interesting museums even if they cost a small fortune to get in. But we get off topic. Back to the film.

Yes, I am aware that this is based off the novel “The Eagle of the Ninth” by Rosemary Sutcliffe.

In fact, seeing the film makes me what to go and read the book, since I’m sure I’ve missed something of the story, be in interpersonal relationships of the characters or just minor plot points which help push the story along.

I read somewhere before I saw the film that the accents had deliberately been chosen, with American accents for the Romans and English ones for the Britons to help show the difference. Even if that wasn’t so and was just a happy coincidence, I liked it. I think it helped show the differences between the two peoples – particularly when Gaelic turned up. Who knows what Esca is talking about in the woods with the local man … you know the bit I’m talking about.

This film is a return to the good old fashioned adventures, without strange effects or pop out bits which don’t always work, or even huge explosions which need a computer to achieve. No. This could have been filmed back before all this trickery came into play, with lots of stunt doubles.

This is an inspirational film for me, getting me buzzing with ideas. I really really enjoyed this and would advise anyone who wants a good adventure to get their teeth into should go and see this. A plus is the casting of Marcus and Esca!