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Last week was a Sons of Lur week. It wasn’t really intentional, but never mind. This week was rather short on art, which is a shame, but I’ve found so many beautiful pieces to show you and have extended my digital tools to make better arts in the future. Also had a story concept knocking around which I want to run with so WATCH THIS SPACE


I know we’re a little early this week, but tomorrow I’m travelling and likely to forget to update.

Own Art:

None this week (‘tis a lie since I have some WIP pieces on my machine, but none that are polished for display) because of the dreaded curse of Block Module Week (and being ill on Monday). However, as a final flourish for Daz’s March Madness, I purchased a few bits and bobs, including some armour for V4 and some facial morphs for M4.

I’ve also had a concept for a story kicking around this week, something I have decided to pursue further. Some of you might be familiar with my NaNoWriMo 09 story: A Thousand Days, which told the tale of a girl on the run from an Imperial Inquisitorial witch hunt. I sorta finished it, sorta didn’t and was unhappy with how the story organically grew (something which cannot be helped when you’re writing 2000 words a night for 30 days).

I’ve had a stab at continuing this story a couple of times, character concepts floating around in different times and spaces with varying levels of technology.

However, this time, I think I’ve found the mix I want:

A special man turned as a tool against his own kind.

An arm of Imperial Law who favours the enemy.

A girl tasked with protecting her life and those of her sisters.

A holy man with a key to the past.

A secret society seeking the return of an ancient power.

Forbidden knowledge.

The hunt for the truth. A hunt for Home.

A little sci-fi tale which may grace your bookcases in the years to come.

Everything’s Changed

Managed to squeek one out for you – our character Rex Dieter from Red Sun Rising, looking all moody and Roman. I blame going and seeing The Eagle whilst working on story ideas. So I had a sudden hankering to be doodling men in leather armour and roman swords and gladiators etc when I found I had a voucher for Daz which was still valid since it was still the 31st March and lots of stuff had suddenly gone on sale (whoo march madness). So I bought. ‘Twas cheap. I very happy lady since I finally have the armour of the Neu Venice Guard fixed in my head (a combination of many pieces of 3D) which needed the roman-esque arm guard. And I know it’s meant to be sci-fi, but I can do this kind of sci-fi. Just need to make sure it’s not Warhammer 40k sci-fi … Holy Emperor … Inquisitors  … hrm … poop.

Wow Art:

I’ve been gathering some inspirational pieces to fit with this hazy, half formed idea, which will be shown in the collection of wow for this week.

Disneypocalypse by *MattRhodes

At first I thought “what? How can there be a disneypocalypse?”. But MattRhodes’ artwork is a beautiful thoughtful look into what happens when villains go really really wrong. You can’t have lots of mega evil monstrous forms (such as Jafar’s Genie, Maleficent’s Dragon and Ursula’s giant octopus queen) without some form of major showdown. And who suffers? The heroes. Who are quietly letting them get on with their battle and flee away. The colours enhance the feeling of utter desolation, as well as the sombre faces on Ariel and Genie. Only Aurora looks back, at the crumbling city. You need to look at this picture to understand why I think it is such an amazing piece.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 31 March 2011

Good morning, Captain. by ~Qrumzsjem

Sometimes what you need is a little bit of escapism and this picture fits the bill. I love all the details of life which have been included, such as the clutter of papers and books on the “bedside table” and the sticky notes taped to the chair. With all the common things of life, it is easy to forget that the piece depicts a sci-fi setting, with stars outside the window, and with this comes a great sense of loneliness. The Captain reminds me of the long haulage truckers who live in their truck cabins when they’re on the road. I really enjoyed finding this piece.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 28 March 2011

Church Cloisters by *atomhawk

Sometimes you just need a sense of light to give you a quick pick me up. This picture, with it’s ghostly tendrils of light is something which has sparked my interest before, but even more so since I was looking for inspirational art for my next project. A game concept art, it fills me with the peace I expect to find in a cathedral setting and I am glad it has been shared in the community.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 16 August 2010

Mass Effect 2: Illusive Nebula by *MattRhodes

Another MattRhodes piece, though it is here as an inspirational piece. More game development art for Mass Effect 2 (not a game I’ve played), I love the tron/matrix/minority report style display, which is something I had envisioned the internal world of computers would look like when a “user” plugs in (via an Andromeda style/Traveller jack – think headphone jack on your computer or mp3 player and you’re close). I don’t understand the significance of this feature, but I like it just the same.

Crafty Art:

I discovered the best shop in the world the other day and I wish I was at the end of all the pieces of work so I could indulge. Supposedly everyone who is involved in the LARP group knew about this shop since one of our fellows works there (which was a surprise when I went in the other day and saw him. It really perked up my day. (Cheers Lord A384 and Ernack!)

The shop is Le Prevo near the station in Newcastle. It’s this amazing heap of a shop in the old fashioned style of a door in, counters around the tiny walkway and then a huge stockpile of stuff stretching back through the shop. There’s so much stuff crammed into this room, it made me feel like I’d stepped into a leather worker’s Aladdin’s cave! I hope to get some stuff eventually, since Mercy does need some body armour (as shown after last weekend’s mission). Note to self: if Sol offer Dragon Scales to the party in future – take him up on them. Even if they cost 1/6!