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Last week was about being forgotten. This week is another Fools and Heroes related post, focusing on the recent end of campaign played out on Saturday evening.

It’s another LARP post, dear readers.

We finished a major story arc on Saturday/Sunday with the demise of the dread “demon” DeKlan, the end of one of the referee’s main plotlines which has taken around 3 years to run. Although I haven’t had the chance to experience it all, it was fun to be involved in the last two missions to wrap up the story (Cheers Leofrick!)

Now, the backstory is this: a guy wants to be a demon (don’t ask me why) and does a load of bad things including introducing this weird sickness called Harmony upon the people of Berwickshire. He makes dodgy deals in return for “favours” or your soul and is generally a dodgy person to come across in his red cape with white fur.

The mission for the evening was a little odd, as the higher ranking guildsmen and women of Newcroft and Berwickshire were required to guard the walls of the city against a rampaging demon horde. So we, some of the lower ranks of mercenaries and mages and physicians, were tasked with the mission to seek the source of the demons and put a stop to it. Rumours also were about that DeKlan had been seen (aka the man in red) and we should try and return with his head. Easier said than done.

The last mission had made DeKlan mortal after we destroyed his little microcosm of a world in his puzzle box. So he was understandably pissed (understandably). Our team went in search of the Order of the Stag, the unofficial knightly order of Berwickshire. On the way, we encountered strange misshaped monsters, demons of varying sorts and several scared members of the Order of the Stag. I have to say this was one of the few times I’ve been patching up NPCs on our side (Grah wasted bandages!). And then we went on to the hall where strange lights flashed in the sky and one of the great swords of Berwickshire burning with purple fire. Why we tried to touch it, I do not know.

The world shifted.

The world turned.

We went to Sharda, the realm of demons and monsters and all things bad. We had been summoned for a trial, to act as evidence in the case against DeKlan. Lots of crazy stuff happened after that, various encounters with demons of all sorts, as well as Mercy being nearly sucked into a river of nothing when she tried to cross an ethereal bridge (after that moment, we discovered that the electric wire game was the switch to turn the bridge on). We were tempted and tried, endured a bureaucratic nightmare (seriously guys. Paperwork in Sharda?) and were searched for magical contraband. I have since learnt that I must not heal an enemy spell caster when the Captain has taken him down. AND I should heal bodies first, limbs later. AND Ethan Fairbrass has a talent for being wounded all over (ALL OVER!).

When we managed to prove that DeKlan had failed in his task of gathering 10000 souls in a soul gem to earn his demonhood, and after standing around in the cold waiting for the trial to begin, the mission was a success and DeKlan’s head was returned to Newcroft to be placed over the gate on a pike. Huzzah!

Hopefully we won’t be encountering too many major demons in the near future (please Mr Referee …)


If this sounds like your sort of thing, come and join us.

We’re a nationwide campaign operating in the UK and you can find more information on Fools and Heroes on the national website. Contact details of your local branch can be found here and the Newcroft adventures can be found here.