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Last week was a bit of a downer. Now for something a little more fun and shiny. Tudorific shiny.

I’ve been watching the Tudors (again) on and off during this week and I have to say that the King’s Letter to King Francis (of France) is pure genius. Is it real or not? We may never know, but it always make me smile – such a grand gesture.

The letter goes as such:


My dearest royal cousin. No, make that, my beloved cousin,

We send you our love. We love you so much it would be impossible to love you better (smirk).

Make all the necessary arrangements so we may meet face to face. Nothing is closer or more dear to my heart than this treaty of universal peace.

As a token of my good will, my commitment to this treaty and my love for your majesty, I have decided I will not shave again until we meet. My beard will be a token of universal friendship, of the love between us.


What a cracker! So much love in this letter. And so much hate between them.

The Tudors has become good watching, comfort TV that isn’t as exciting or bold or kill kill kill like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 (which I’ve watched too recently to start watching again). It just is a feast of colours and intrigue and amazing costumes and okay, it’s a rough fiction from historical events, but its good.

Even if I think they made Anne Boleyn a bit of a madam and a scheming wench. Maybe she was manoeuvred by her family or maybe she did have a scandalous plan.

Did you know there was a 4th season made? Eee!

Okay, back on with real work …

I still need things for Writing Mondays … comments wanted people.