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Here we are again. More arts for your delight. Last week’s art can be found here.

A reminder to also suggest topics for Writing Mondays! Any suggestions would be nice.

Another week of work and we’ve had a bit of a Sons of Lur week.

space-wolf id 2011

I made a new deviant id using Doll Divine’s fantastic fairytale dollmaker. The art is by pixelledanddead on deviant Art, and the artist was kind enough to allow me to use it as my ID. I think it is a good one. The following symbolism has been included:

  • Red Dragon – my love of dragons and in particular my red dragon, Idris.
  • Cup – my usual drink of coffee, though I do do fruity teas and hot squash.
  • Wand and Fairy Wings – my love of mythology and all things magic.
  • Kimono jacket – my love of oriental things, both mythical and fashionable.
  • Glasses – I wear glasses and I think I look rather smart in them (clever smart, not smart smart).
  • Pinned Hair – my normal hairstyle, pinned up and out of the way.
  • Belts – my LARP interests as the lady physician (healer), Mercy Blackstaff.
  • Boots – I bought these brown boots to go to the Star Trek film and these have become my Star Commander boots. I just love them (though they hurt my feet)
  • Red dress – my inner geek expressed through the fashion of the original Star Trek. Also, in the spirit of the original series, Red is also my colour as an engineer (I’d be gold if it was Voyager or any of the other seasons)

Sons of Lur Ifan Bookmark

To remake an old bookmark I made a while ago which was going to form part of a wallpaper. But with its loss with the death of my previous laptop, I decided to rework it with Ifan’s latest character design – emphasising his left handedness, father’s broad sword and new hairstyle.

Sons of Lur Poster

Having tried a poster before and it getting too crowded, I thought I’d try again. This time I tried to plan the elements, with Ifan in the foreground in an heroic pose, Elrik and Falcon with their back’s to the viewers, a image of a crown hovering over Elrik’s outstretched hands and Falcon in black, with Nyssa calling forth the sword of Lur. The background was also and experiment in shading from blue to red (like Star Wars), though I’m still learning. I’m quite pleased with how this turned out.

I serve

A “younger” Ifan, when he had short hair and wore the actual armour of the King’s Guard. Part of his character development. I’m not sure what’s going on in the picture, or why he’s got the mark on his forehead, but he does and that is that. The mark reminds me of the Charter Marks Garth Nix’s charter mages wear on their foreheads, which wasn’t intentional. Maybe I’ve read too much of these books again …

The Sword

I wanted to try something a little darker. I’ve had this on my mind for a while, planned and sketched and considered before making this. I think this has come from how I pictured the underground pool in Sabriel, with cold water and magic and an island. Though the island doesn’t exist in the books (something I didn’t realise until after the halfway point in Lireal). But mine does have an island, and on the island is the Sword of Lur which Ifan seeks. In the background, his companions hold off the attacking forces.

Just a little something

Doll Divine released a beautiful new dress up game with a princess theme. I love it, it’s one of the best they’ve done recently. So I had to do Mercy’s character, particularly with the latest update with book mode. As the title says, just a little something. The Art is not mine! It belongs to madmoiselleclau on deviantArt.

Wow Art

Heart of the Mountain by ~Prasa

When I look at this picture I think of the Ivory Tower from “ the Never Ending Story”, the part in “First Knight” when Arthur welcomes Guinevere to Camelot (with smoking torches and sense of wonder), as well as how I think of the city and Royal Palace at Caeris in my own novel (though not as tall). It’s a fantastically dreamy setting which inspires me to write more. Thank you Prasa, for this breath of imagination.

Amber glow by ~thebluekraken

I love brown/amber pendants and I love the combination of fossil shell and brown circuit board (they do brown circuit boards?) all wrapped up in silver wire. It’s a fantastic piece, one which I would wear with pride.

This was awarded a Daily Deviation on 23 March 2011

A Beautiful Grey Wolf by ~PictureByPali

This picture is amazing at how close the wolf is, and it was very hard to choose one out of Pali’s gallery of wolf photographs. They are all so vivid, rich with life. But this one caught my eye and I thought, “that’s Alecto. Look at that innocent yet mischievous face”. Fantastic inspirational piece.

Beauty and the Beast by ~Marina-B

I’m not one for doll art since I’ve not been fond of human dolls (since I collected Sylvanian Families as a child). But this doll, with it’s innocent ethereal beauty, made me stop and admire the craftwork and artful posing. Something that gives me the wow factor has to be mentioned!

Crafty Art

Not had much time for craftiness, and I’ve misplaced my tools for jewellery making which is a pain. I know they’re around, I’m just not sure where.