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Last week was a bit of a plea during a very busy week (worth it though, however terribly disorganised or stressful it was), which turned inwards to consider past and future. This week is a bit less philosophical and a little more real. It’s a rant, so be warned!

Where to begin?

I’m getting a little tired of being forgotten. My department at times seems to think some of it’s undergraduate students cease to exist when they are split from their year group and put into an MSc module.

Structures has enough students that if they’re forgotten, it’s a problem. Imagine, 50-odd (ish) people suddenly don’t turn up to your module. Oops.

The rest have a decent number of 4th years, except the Environment and Water lot who get swamped by the visiting students and MScs. Not that we’re complaining, the stuff we do is interesting and could not be run without these other students. It would just be nice to receive the emails that they do – you know, the important ones detailing exams or coursework dates or timetable changes. We’ve usually been on the ball enough to query lack of information (and as there is only 3 of us in the Water side, one of us usually gets it sorted), but sometimes there’s a feeling that we’ve missed out on something.

Like when our exam is.

Our lecturer was a little hazy on the date since he’s not involved in timetabling. So we let it lie. The university emails us about the draft exam timetable, so we go check.

I don’t have any exams – which makes me go “eh wa?” and then check my handbook. 50% coursework. 50% exam. So where’s my exam gone then?

I had a horrid memory that 4th years are put in the MScs exams after Easter (why? I do not know). So I emailed one of the department secretaries who got back to me. We should have received an email, here it is again – kinda thing.

At least now we know.

But why do we keep being forgotten?

And when will they stop?

At least they’ve not forgotten our graduation thingamajib – I just have to arrange my gown and hood myself.

Toodles …