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Last week as a bit of silliness with it being Pi Day and a heavy coursework loading. However, writing the character studies has been eating into my writing time and tbh, they’re probably not that interesting. So we’ll be going back to rambling writing until I find some thing to turn into a weekly post.

Ideas for future Writing Monday posts are most welcome – add them here to see them in the future!

Another week is here and another week of work is over (this is an “off” week, which are significantly less draining on the brain). Of course, there is work that has to be done, which means Sons of Lur does get put on the back burner. Again.

It’s looking more and more likely that Sons of Lur will not be coming to your shelves by Summer 2011. At least, not before graduation (Early July). I just haven’t had the time (I know, bad excuse), but between trying to find a job, other personal commitments and completing my degree, anything writing based has had to come last. I’m surprised the website is still alive and kicking but here we are.

I hope to have written a significant section by July and may or may not issue this as the first in a series of books, though this could lead to the story getting too tangled and loosing the flow having to reintroduce characters for each book. I’m still toying with the idea, but oh well.

Another thought is to make the first few finished chapters available as samples here on Wolfish Written.

Sons of Lur will be written.

It’s just current life doesn’t allow me to.