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You know the drill! More art please. Last week’s can be found here.

Busy week filled with research and coursework and presentation making and reading and team work. No sleep. Sleep didn’t quite happen this week. Nope. Running on caffeine and home made cookies.

Own Art:

Sons of Lur symbols –WIP-

I was busy (very busy) in a lecture when we were told that the next session was something taught in the rearranged water legislation module I took last year. If I left the lecture theatre, I’d likely to miss any additional notes important for this lecture, but then again I’d heard about this before (and had it drummed in last time). Anyways, I found myself thinking about Sons of Lur and thinking about the different branches of magic I’d thought about. Long story short, I ended up thinking about the book covers of Garth Nix’s Sabriel, Lireal and Abhorsen books, and I came up with these. I’d have probably considered them at some point, but here we are.

Icons left to right: Dragon Riders, Magus, Mountain, Forest, Shape shifters and then the symbol for Lur. Colours don’t really mean much, just are a way of visualising conceptually at the moment, but these symbols would be carved in wood or stone, woven or painted or somehow marked onto clothing or items belonging to the group.


This picture was one of those few things recently which has lingered. I woke up on Saturday morning with this idea in my head and the appropriate side story. It’s something which will form one of the story arcs in the Sons of Lur sequel (as yet unnamed). It’s a bit of a sad story, but it’s currently just a thought. Destiny and whatnot.

Wow Art:

Pallid Spire Map Design by =rclarkjnr

I’m a sucker for maps and this one is fantastic. It’s a labour of love to make them and you have to have a detailed understanding of what you’re showing, but they’re just so much fun to make! This one is no exception and I am envious of the author to whom this belongs – as well as the artist who created it. I wonder if he’s open for commissions …

The Old Sanctuary by *nathie

I love Nathie’s art, but you should know that by now. I got to see a sneaky peek in a previous image showing current arts and I thought “ooh, I can’t wait to see this one”. The story with it gives a real flavour of Eldred’s character and the picture compliments the piece with haunting beauty.

Curious by ~MaryBunnie

I love dragons – no surprise really. And this one is so cute! If I had money going spare, I’d be ordering a custom one of MaryBunnie’s creations because they’re all so darn cute! This little red fella reminds me of Idris in all his clay sweetness.

Sea Journal by *Druidchickz

In saving an old book and recycling it into this master piece is probably the best way I can think to recycle. I am jealous of all those who can do book binding and have the patience to make the amazing covers and illustrations I have come across. A little piece of joy at the end of a long week. I know if I had this journal, I’d be really reluctant to ruin it with my scruffy scrawl – but I say that about a lot of books. Some of her other creations are just as amazing and are well worth a look!

Trek Dude in a Hallway by ~Fretslayer

I love my Star Trek. Yes, I am an out of the closet trekkie and this picture fills me with the love and joy of the series. A fantastic render and post work piece, I particularly love the expression of determination on his face, as well as the use of a set of 3d clothing I already have. I hadn’t thought about changing the colour of the actual shirt to meet the colours *goes and thinks*. Thank you Fretslayer for making my day a star trek day.

Crafty Art

Nada because I’ve been a good student and team leader and done lots of work. Perhaps power point slides can count as crafty art …? Lord A384’s chainmail links turned up, so we might have some pictures up once he’s wrestled them into the shape of a shirt. Might be making some jewellery this weekend, so we’ll see.

A side note – I found and repaired my holy icon for Mercy Blackstaff so I can now get it over my head (an important game rule).