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Last week was Nyssa’s Character Study. This week we were going to continue with investigating the character of Lore, however coursework and real life has caught up with us and I have been unable to give you what you want.

Instead, let me infect you with the geekery that is normally saved for Random Wednesday (which will have more randomness than a random thing).

First: Today is the 14th of March. Or as the American’s would have us: 3/14/11. Or 3.14.11.

See what I did there? 3.14 … the beginning of Pi my friends. The beginning of Pi.

Happy Pi day. Now go eat π and be merry.

Also: I will dazzle you with cuteness –

Something to make you giggle, made in the similar animation style of Powerpuff girls.

And the one song which has been getting me through this coursework:

Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up! The longest musical number for MLP so far! Taken from Episode 11

See! You knew there was a real girl geek under this writer’s skin.

Though these songs are lovely, though not as good as Winter Wrap Up (I just love the dresses)

The Art of the Dress

These ones are not so good …

The Client is not always right, Rarity!

Now, more coursework